Beauty and the Info-Beast!

Beauty and the Info-Beast!

Beauty and the Beast: NBC’s Megyn Kelly and Infowar’s Alex Jones!
Welcome to the world of unconventional “down and dirty” Psychological Warfare! Watch Alex Jones, Master Info-Beast, manipulate the seemingly self-assured, insipid vamp, Megyn Kelly.

I have been waiting for the time and place when some mainstream faux journalist, like Megyn Kelly, would approach the brash, clever, and exceedingly foxy Alex Jones of This past week, my wishes were finally realized when Megyn Kelly seductively approached our Austin Texas performer/ liberty fighter to interview him for a Sunday night special on 6/18/17. She wanted to show the world ‘the real, human side of Alex Jones.’ NOT!

As most of you know, I have been on his show for well over fourteen years since the 9/11 ‘false flag’. Subsequently, he and his wonderful crew [Nico, Alejandra, Chris, et. al] would call me from time to time regarding one or another topical issue.

When Sandy Hook occurred, I volunteered to explain how our pathetic DOJ in the guise of the corrupt Eric Holder/Obama staged a false flag in the wealthy Connecticut town of Newtown. The school had been emptied beforehand because of asbestos contamination. There were no shootings or deaths; except for cameras portraying the simulated grief of greedy/corrupt crises actors. I never insisted that Alex subscribe to my own findings [corroborated by the NY Times double photo of the phony Connecticut State Troopers who had so-called PTSD]. I also interviewed one of my own preceptors at Mass. Mental Health [Harvard Medical College] who admitted to me that his psychiatric trainee at Yale Medical College who had diagnosed Adam Lanza as “Autistic/Asperger’s’’ was highly compromised.   Sandy Hook was one big bonanza for the liars, deceivers and incompetent Connecticut officials who were paid millions of dollars to stage this event to support Eric Holder’s, Obama’s, and DOJ’s desire to initiate gun control.

Now, let’s get back to the central point of my blog. The key to this leaked interview is the incredible understanding that Alex Jones has demonstrated in pre-empting this “NBC Siren” before, during, and after the show went on  air.

No novice to psychological warfare, Alex secretly taped all of his pre-air conversations with the “Coy Mistress” [ a la Andrew Marvel]. Megyn Kelly was gushing out such egregiously contrived verbal entreaties as the following:

“My goal is for you Alex Honey and your wacky, nutty listeners and the left [ ‘true blooded sincere Americans’]—you know my liebling who will be watching my new show on NBC-to say, “Wow, that’s really interesting,….”
Here is the piece de resistance:

“It’s not going to be SOME GOTCHA hit piece, I promise that!” 

Unbelievable! She has to beg him to believe her and her wily, insincere ways, draped in manicured nails, lacquered hair and unctuous pleas.

Alex retorted:

“In hindsight I think it probably happened [Sandy Hook]. I have debated whether I should show both sides. I believe people died there.” I think that Alex’s response was a concession to the lies of the mainstream media; as well as,an unnecessary law suit initiated by his ex-wife against him for the custody of his four children.

Alex was well prepared as an Infowar warrior for these desperate entreaties from a so-called multimillion-dollar media harlot; hustling her last John before she would eventually be thrown off yet another network. Megyn is a serious regression to the evolving concept of feminine power in both business and politics. For those women who have achieved success without pandering to the narcissism of a man or another woman, she is a complete embarrassment.

Always willing to pit her own ego against those men whose egos are immeasurable [Trump], she finds herself wanting and frustrated. Why? She has no concept of psychological warfare and inserts herself into a battlefield of brains without skill or preparation. Her only weapons are her sex organs, pheromones and a whole lotta make-up and hairspray. Here are some of the simple lessons that Alex utilized before, during, and after his ‘war’ with Megyn Kelly.

  • Create a misperception about oneself so that the adversary is comfortable in fixating on one element of that persona. For Alex, it was easy. He seems to appear as a ‘wild and crazy conspirator’ of lies and falsehoods. In fact, Alex is very much aware of exactly how much truth he will allow in his often seemingly sarcastic ramblings.
  • For those of us who have been on his shows numerous times, it is easy for me to titrate the moment in which he wants to become serious and focused. Yet he will often hide that with exegesis about the war between the ‘globalist and the nationalist’.
  • The best deception is always apparent to me when Alex MIXES FACT WITH FICTION. In that way, he creates an atmosphere of ambiguity in which the sycophant predators, like Megan Kelly, become swept up into his reality about which she has no clue.
  • For me, it is easy to distinguish the difference when Alex asks me questions. I write truth through fiction [my novels] which Alex continuously emphasizes to his audience that they read my books.  He wants his audience to understand that a novelist/intelligence operator must use fiction in an accessible way so to convey the complex, dirty realities of domestic and international politics.
  • Alex does what I do in my videos and books—control the perceptions of reality. He and I control the subsequent behavior of the enemy. Megyn fell right into this simple trap easily. Due to her own blind narcissism, she never allowed herself a moment of reality testing which would have warned her that she was being manipulated by Alex from the very beginning. Instead, she thought she was in control all that time.

Megyn is a pathetic creature of her own deliberate concoction: half-Medusa, half-idiot. Megan and Hillary appear to have all the assets to engage in a sophisticated, often torturous discussion. Yet, they are unfortunately untutored in the science of psychology, deception, denial, and manipulation. 

It takes more than a pretty body, glistening lipstick and sunglasses to trap the Info Beast! In the famous insulting words of Megyn Kelly:

“I am not Barbara Walters. I’m still me. I’m not going to go there and be Barbara Walters. ”


One of Barbara Walter’s most famous interviews concerned two ordinary people, Robert and Michelle Smithdas, a married couple who were both deaf and blind.

“They are inspirational!” Barbara said.

Megyn Kelly: it’s time for you to stop acting like a street hooker with no brains! and please stop dissing other more sagacious women reporters than yourself!

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21 thoughts on “Beauty and the Info-Beast!

  1. Chia Cha

    There was ony lady, member of communist party, and she wanted one married guy, as he was politely avoiding all traps, she started sending him invitations for party meeting. All letters finished in trash, even thrid one where he was called under threat of party disciplinarian measures. Problem for her was that he was not member of party. Alex is also not party member.

    1. Chia Cha

      All commnist party members are very addicted to sex. Sharing is essential. Problem is that such people are unable to think rationally.

    2. Chia Cha

      All commnist party members are very addicted to mating. Sharing is essential. Problem is that such people are unable to think rationally.

    3. Learn from History

      I feel like taking a shower after listening to Megan Kelly,

  2. Petra

    She could not be taken seriously how she dressed with Putin. What a joke. All she is doing for women rights is making them an object. So funny how she dressed then she talked bad about Trump loving women… You cannot be a sleaze then expect others not to act.
    Barbara Walters era may just be over with….Sad day for America………………..

  3. Gloria

    I just watched the Megan Kelly’s version on NBC… It was perfect… It will allow Truthers that did not know where to go for Truth or the Real other side know where to go… I am super happy that NBC did such a great job informing Americans about Alex Jones…. Talk about falling into the pit that they created for their enemies……. Classic!!! You know being called a conspiracy theorist is not a bad thing… they use it like it is an x rated name… it shows that you are not gullible.

  4. Rosman V. M. Patterson

    What was the win supposed to be? What was the point of engaging an agent provocateur who was already on the decline? Media exposure? Taking her down another peg? (Poorly strategized if that was the case.) Exposing a well known and documented liar, as a liar? None of these stand the acid test for determining the inherent value of a given goal, when you consider the fact that NBC studios were producing the interview. There was no win possible. None. Defensive posturing for Mr. Jones, was the unnecessary result. He visited undue smearing upon himself by submitting to her. He should have ran the interview. Infowars is bigger than she is, or can ever hope to be.

    I believe in and promote Mr. Jones. I have faith in his mission. He is a Patriot of the highest order. Nevertheless, going on NBC was a horrid mistake. It reflected poorly on him, infowars and subsequently their viewers. That he could assertively prove she lied and edited the interview to make him look bad, is of no value to either side, nor potential viewers who saw him tonight for the first time on NBC.

  5. Watchmen

    a beautiful thing


    The Sandy Hook School was closed in 2008 , no one died at Sandy Hook.

  7. Chia Cha

    Serbian cernovich sold truthers on Sandy Hook. Alex was at least neutral. We must be aware of chinese spies. Chinese unlike Russians have enough money to outsource.

    1. Chia Cha

      Right now, really, only american nationalism and free market (hidden rule of US capitalists) can save US and world from communists (bandits), nazis (bandits) and fascists (bandits). Also nationalization of FED is bad and dangerous. For normal alternative to be invented, you must destroy and kill all other alternatives.

      1. desert fox

        The fed is a criminal deal that prints money out of thin air and loans this ether created to the gov at interest thus having control over every American.

        The fed is also privately owned by elite dual israeli zionists and is a federal as federal express.

        Abolish the fed and save America.

        1. Chia Cha

          You will get national “sociali.m”.- nazism right away. That is giving FED to bureocracy. It is impossible to abolish it. Beside all are talking about nationalization not about abolishing it. That is also trap.

  8. Furtive

    For a multimillion dollar Murdoch book contract, MIS-ah-gynist proclaimed Roger Ailes, who enriched her, harassed her by rubbing her back.
    Likely she did the rubbing, & not on the back.

    Then he died of a slip & fall, all thanks to a misogynist.

    She is building a death list just like Hil-liar-ee

  9. freakin awesome! alex jones got the drop on her

    1. Patriarch

      6-16-17: Oliver Stone on Putin

  10. those like megyn kelly who are committed one way or the other to the demonic occultism of our babylon society in the USA….

    are Going to prison this fall and spring of the coming years of 2017 and 2018!!!!

    President Donald J. Trump is Bringing The Hammer of FATHER YHWH ELOHIYM Down by The Power of YESHUA and HOLY SPIRIT on the thousands of people connected to these satanic pedophile groups!!!!

    Justice is Coming Mighty!!!!

    Our nation will be Cleansed as The Prosperity of FATHER Will Hit the nations Mighty!!!!

  11. Hannah

    So Dr Pieczenik, you appear to be saying that Alex uses deception and is not completely truthful. In other words, he is a fraud. I am surprised you would imply that, especially as you support his broadcasts. I only hear him give his take on the day’s news and breaking some news that doesn’t get picked up by msm. That wouldn’t constitute lying.

  12. Hannah

    I am a fan of Alex Jones but I can’t see how you can spin this interview as a win for him. He was completely out-foxed by Megyn Kelly. He came across as bumbling, inarticulate and pressurized. I realize it was the fiendish editing, but just be honest, he was played.

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