Aung San Suu Kyi is New Hitler!

Aung San Suu Kyi is New Hitler!

Burma’s Aung Suu Syi: The 21st Century Hitler!
After having warned about both her indifference and hypocrisy concerning the death, torture and systematic elimination of the 400,000 Burmese Rohingya, she still continues her ethnic cleansing three weeks later.

Three years ago, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Early Warning Project highlighted the fact that Burma was one of the three countries which could risk mass atrocities of minority Muslims.Per usual nothing was done to avoid this terrible tragedy.

Neither the useless UN, nor the ineffectual U.S. State Department, under both the sanctimonious Obama, himself a Muslim, and Hillary Clinton [pay-for-play], did not bother to raise one pinky to stop or impede this impending genocide. In fact, both senior officials met in secret in Burma to plan some type of nefarious self-aggrandizing schemes. [Kate Cronin-Furman FP, 9/19/17]

Like Hitler in the 1930’s, the world was warned that the Jews in Europe would be completely exterminated. No one listened or cared. Now, it’s happening once again in the guise of a general’s daughter who pretended to concern herself with only nationalism and economic growth. The fact that the 400,000 Burmese Rohingya were being tortured, driven mercilessly from the their homes, scampering into nearby Bangladesh became a mere side note to Aung Suu Syi’s self-portrait as a benevolent politician  and not a “human rights activist” as she herself had insisted.

Since the 1991 Rwanda genocide which Bill Clinton, the French, Belgium, and the UN could have prevented, another four hundred thousand more refugees are being slaughtered in a CIA [Hillary/Petraues/Panetta] manufactured slaughter in Syria which could have also been prevented seven years ago when I personally warned that Dr. Bashar Assad was protecting Druze, Shi’ites, Jews, Christians and other ethnic groups in Syria, against a unwarranted Sunni onslaught [Homs, Hama].

Now, the Trump administration is confronted with this ongoing genocide – a crime against humanity—and nothing is being done or said. Instead, I hear boisterous noises needlessly threatening North Korea and Iran.Not one American senior military or civilian spokesperson has spoken out against this ongoing slaughter by Aung Suu Syi.

As far back as 2012, Human rights groups documented the collusion among the Burmese military and Aung Suu Syi and her henchmen  in order to drive out the Rohingya from Burma in to Bangladesh onto the Adaman Sea without any means of survival.

There is no doubt that Aung Suu Syi is the new Hitler! She reaffirmed her status as the titular head of both the military and the civilian authorities. At the same time, she encouraged the ‘forced relocation’ of the Rohingya people into an abyss with no possibility of return or maintaining a viable livelihood.

I am astonished that the former UN Ambassador Samantha Power, the “Genocide Queen”, during the Obama administration made not one audible mention of this ongoing slaughter. Our present day American armed forces, in concert with their pre-occupied warmongering civilian and military leaders, are too busy racking up dollars and brownie points to stop for one moment and consider the fact that they might be able to help in this dire situation.That may be asking too much of my  Marine Generals and their ongoing pursuit of ‘dereliction of duty’ a la Lt. General H.R Mac Master, our National Security Advisor.

It has been my sad, highly disappointing  experience we provide much bravado when it comes to the issues of human rights and national security and very little, if any action. In reality, we have no problem, whatsoever, concocting the purposeful murder of our very own people in 9/11 [3000+]; as well as, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent people[drone warfare] in Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan—all in the fantasy world of ‘democracy, liberty and sovereignty’.

I categorically pronounce that there is still another Muslim Holocaust caused by the barbarity of the Buddhist Burmese under the direct direction her Furher Aung Suu Syi Hitler. Forget about the Nobel Peace Prize! That was a Swedish joke from its very inception because the Wallenberg Swedes were major Nazi collaborators during the entire WWII.

I plead with the Muslim Countries both in the Far East Asia [Malaysia, Indonesia] and those in the Middle East  [Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Turkey] to send military forces to Burma in order to stop this already horrific genocide of 400,000 Muslim.

On March 26 1971, Operation Searchlight was launched as West Pakistan began a military crackdown on the Eastern Wing of the nation. During the nine-month-long Bangladesh War For Independence, the Pakistani Army under my former colleague General Yaqub Kahn killed up to 3million people, raped almost 300,00 Bangladeshi women, and warranted no judicial accountability. {Wikipedia].

Today, we witness yet another Muslim genocide, and the world is once again silent. And the new Hitler, a woman named, Aung Suu Syi, struts around Rangoon, whispering ‘nevermore, nevermore’!  As a living survivor of my mother’s maiden name Janowska [from Bialystok, Poland], I want to remind all of you that I still remember the tales of  the members of  Sonderkommando 1005 Unit posing next to the a bone crushing machine in the Janowska Concentration Camp in Poland.

Let me reiterate this one important phrase that I remember from my childhood way before the state of Israel was a reality:

“Never again! Never again!”

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4 thoughts on “Aung San Suu Kyi is New Hitler!

  1. Chia Cha

    Yes those people are defenseless and they really are not instrument of any kind of islamic expansion over there. Therefore that is genocide. Innocent are being attacked, even those who never worked against nation of Burma. That is perverse. I hope Europe will never do this with own muslims this way. Unless of course they put some nuke on some western city. Then all nations around them will start biting them like this. Therefore this here what this liberal Hitler did is worse then nuke, therefore I hope all countries excluding China will start taking territories from Burma, Such country does not have any reason to exist.

  2. Larry Clifton

    Crickets from the Mainstream media. I guess this doesn’t ‘fit’ any talking points they have right now. IF people don’t know systematic injustices and political MURDERS are happening, AND the ‘usual suspects/powers that be’ actually seem to look the other way on purpose…what can ‘regular people’ do?
    This world is a mess. Feeling powerless is, I guess, the outcome and cloth our feckless ‘leaders’ want us to wear proudly….They sure don’t feel good or ‘fit’ very well……

  3. John S.

    Steve, any thoughts on the current situation of the Karen people? Seems the same regime was doing all it could to decimate them a number of years ago.

  4. eingriff

    Any interest in investigating what outside interest might be fomenting and exacerbating Islamic terror as part of a strategy to destroy Islamic and Western civilization? Perhaps a collaboration can be arranged with Aga Khan IV and Center for Advanced Strategic Studies.
    Please advise by return email.

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