Assad Stays!

Assad Stays!

Ten Years Ago, I Predicted and Continue to Insist that Dr. Bashar Assad Stays in Syria!

The U.S. would not win the Unnecessary War and topple Assad. However, half a million innocent Syrian refugees were displaced and a few hundred thousand were killed in a war that should never had to happen.

Bashar defeated the ill conceived American intervention initiated by the CIA/military at the behest of the inept DCI’s Panetta/Brennan/Petraeus [Stratfor, Oct.25, 2017]. Neither one of these stooges could have imagined a scenario where a besieged Bashar could have vanquished an ersatz alliance consisting of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel.
Some years ago, I traveled throughout Syria. Next, I went to Israel to give the elite Intel Officers, generals a message: come to terms with Bashar Assad, he stays in the picture. The elite Mossad,IDF, and other intelligence units were completely taken aback that someone like me could simply walk into Syria unattended by a phalanx of guards or sporting some nonsensical identity other than who I really was. No one wanted to take Bashar’s efforts for peace seriously. I told them that was a serious mistake.

Before I left on my own to Syria, I remembered that the highly effective SOF General Jerry Boykin had asked me whether I wanted or needed a new identity before I ventured into ‘dangerous Syria’. Nope! I went to the beautiful city of Damascus, Syria where I was purposefully escorted into the offices of Syrian intelligence. It was in the office of the Interior Minister that I was subjected to a few hours of questioning where several Syrian officials had accused me of being a ‘spy’ for America.

I deflected the question by explaining to them that whatever I might or might not be, I wanted to see Syria in its entirety. In effect, I explained to my interrogators that I had spent close to $20,000 USD to fly over there and stay at their finest hotel in order to visit their beautiful country. They all laughed. I understood that I established a meaningful relation with two of their finest spies—a Muslim, Mohammed as well as another one who happened to be a Christian Palestinian.

Over the next few weeks, the three of us travelled comfortably in a car covering thousands of miles from Aleppo [blossoming markets] to Latakia [home of the Alawites] and eventually  to Palmyra [once formidable ancient ruins]. We talked about all sorts of topics concentrating on American movies, songs, and cultures. Both men were eager to learn what kept America united in a seemingly peaceful entity. I explained that it was our traditions that were rooted in both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I came back to the states and reported what I had seen and done. That information was immediately classified, “Secret”. So secret that I couldn’t even read my own words which I had dictated to the de-briefing officer. I left the Pentagon smiling at the latest paradox.

However, I did not receive such an open, grateful acceptance when I attended my last meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations. There I encountered the completely opposite reaction by CIA spooks who had hidden their brazen identities behind some nonsensical State Dept. cover.

When I left the CFR headquarters, I realized that they were ignorant, arrogant operatives who wanted to stir up a fake war in Syria with completely misconceived assumptions. During the Obama/Clinton administration, I watched in horror as our senior civilian/intelligence/military leaders would create a complete morass in and around Syria.

I understood that Iran and Russia would enter that war in order to counteract the forces that America/Israel/Saudi Arabia/Turkey had needlessly embedded in that region.One tragedy ensued after another, resulting in the strengthening of the Assad regime with its new allies Russia and Iran.

America had created one of those unnecessary wars bereft of possible gain or victory. Since that time, America had inserted itself needlessly into Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Niger, and Iraq—all in the name of some bullshit terrorist group which we or Saudi Arabia/Israel had created.

Recently, I listened to Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs, Marine General J.F. Dunford Jr. espouse a faux strategy for the reason we send untrained ground troops to Africa [Niger]. “We are there to prevent the ‘connective tissue’ of terrorist groups’ from coming into America!” He forgot to mention the massive oil, diamond, and precious metal resources which our erstwhile allies, the French, British, Belgium, had long ago eviscerated from those corrupt non-states in Africa.

Once again, we do not bother to learn from our past mistakes. We continue to rush pall-mall into Harm’s Way with some nonsensical rationale which eventually makes cannon fodder of our completely untrained troops.  Yet, we continue to scurry around the world looking for irrelevant trouble.

Let me end with Plato’s statement:
“Only the dead have seen the end of wars!”  

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47 thoughts on “Assad Stays!

  1. Chia Cha

    These wars right now are not enough to get economy out off crisis. It really does not matter what is reason and why, but it is not enough, wars must be spreaded more. People as species are still very easy to be persuaded to go in to war. More, more wars are needed. It not even important to win. You win if you sell enough of weapons and stuffm that is only what they care. War was only profitable enterprise inside any economy. Everything else is without that extra profit. Ok lets see TV, TV was put on market in 1928, huge invention, huge step, but even that was not able to be profitable very much for producers, anyone thinks that can be even measured with with economy of WW2 where when you conquer you get all without any costs and spent time. Plus american communist capitalists really cannot understand why those arabs other then those from gulf, do not want to give them oil under their control. Well I understand them in way, because oil should go to those who need it most. Beside oil comes from deep, it is common resource.

    1. Chia Cha

      Whole non war economy is balancing around 0. We should all stop, and start thinking about more beautiful things in life. For instance wife of Goering, she did not like his job at all, she wanted him to become Hollywood star.

  2. Chia Cha

    Hope Mr. Potemkin is not screen writer here. This would huge step. If you want trickle down, you must have walls.

  3. Embrey

    Assad is the leader of sovereign Syria. Whose business is it of any other country to depose him?
    Some people call that an act of WAR.
    Stop backing the Syrian opposition!

  4. entagor

    Russia has leased Syrian ports since 1947. The main shipping lane for Russia, the only warm water passage, is from Crimea, to the black sea, thru the Turkish straitsinto the Mediterranean. Crimea was a Soviet Republic, only annexed to Ukraine by Nikita Kruschev in the 1950’s. When the Ukraine government signed a bailout with Putin, the West staged a coup to replaced the Russian bailout with a EU bailout indebting Ukraine to the EU, the debt to be repaid with newly discovered Ukrainian shale oil. Putin then moved to protect strategic port in Crimea. Western mental midgets want to crush Assad to destroy Russia’s strategic defense (and at the same time stop and Iranian pipeline through syria)

    Russia economy and defense is Syria based. If Russia is pushed out of Syria, how can they not declare war?

    I hope Trump has the wisdom to let sleeping dogs lie and not listen to the delusionals in the war college.

    1. Chia Cha

      You said it, if Iranianas can build their pipline via Syria, as you said it, than that means that Assad is puppet of Iran and that Syria should be liberated and Assad killed like dog, just like that Gadaffi. If Russia have port in Syria then that is also evidence that Syria must be liberated from Russian occupation. Noone would touch Syria if Syria would be free country liberated from Russian and Iranian occupation.

      1. Embrey

        Nobody should touch them. If they are allied with Iran and/or Russia – so what. Syria is a sovereign country.
        The Make America Great Again program can work for sovereign nations also.
        Bottom line, who outside of Syria has the right or authority to tell Syria what to do?
        Russia was invited to participate IN SYRIA BY THE SYRIANS.
        What other country can say that?
        Only an imperialist would say that.

        1. Chia Cha

          You said, sovereign. They are not sovereign if they have Russia in. And only Russia. We here in my country have still Russian influence EQUAL to american on corrupt politicians. Nobody asked me anything about that? Russians are just that other mafia to balance american mafia. Everyone who plays with ANY mafia should count on bloody nose. Assad had to be more innovative.

          1. Embrey

            No. Russia is invited and a major ally of Syria.

          2. Chia Cha

            You mean Russia is allied with Syrian government officials and military generals who are all agents of KGB. Here until 1991. all generals were CIA or KGB, KGB had 25-50%. CIA 50-75%. Just how it was agreed on Yalta. That is how world is functioning. Everything else is joke.

          3. Embrey

            No. You mean that. I mean what I said.
            Did it ever occur to you and your countrymen to throw off all foreign usurpers?
            That is why you cannot understand. You are intelligent but you have zero idea of freedom.

          4. Embrey

            But some of you would have to die to throw the foreigners out. You prefer theories to freedom.

          5. Chia Cha

            Right now to da anything, first you have to remove leftism from allowed cultural space, something as mental disease or some scourge. That is recipe for USA also. Right now biggest enemies are Merkel, Soros and Russia. Every obstacle US have around world is Russia and Russian leftism. Soros is also russian leftism player, because he is reviwing all those communist structures in eastern europe, but they all are under direct mafia command of Putin. He have all information about them. Soros is also came from communist Hungary, he is also vassal of Putin. Communist international was spider net, spider was in centre, black one, with red hammer and sickle on azz. Spider is controling whole net. Liberals are spider net where spider is changing color while he moves. They are getting united.

          6. Embrey

            Quite interesting Chia.
            The ‘liberalism’ you speak of is not liberal at all. In that sense we are in agreement. It is as Orwell predicted, words don’t signify their actual meaning.
            But worry not. The purveyors of the lie are easy to identify, just take note of all who keep pushing the nonsense and show them for what they are.
            A person may be stupid but people, when their broad views are combined, are quite intelligent.

          7. Chia Cha

            RT is lefty, also now, for them leftism is for export only, they are not idiot. Workers never had anything from left. Never. Anything left is lie. Therefore problem. Cuba is not allowing immigration and is looking foreigners as problems, they evolved. But Cuba is still rotten in sense that they use even now too much from original story. And party never wants to say who can have what and why, so they can manipuilate to protect government (head) in every moment. Bureaucrat must have better life then worker, because there are more workers. When ever you have majority living worse off then minority you have capitalism. Capitalism is setting material values of behaviours needed for centre (head – main capitalist) to surrvive. AS EXAMPLE. Capitalism is mechanism of setting values for working unit what to hope and where to aim. Number of slaves must be always be in highest possible number and in biggest amount possible. Rule of working class would mean that every worker is richer then any member of military caste, bureacuratic caste, clergy or capitalist class. They should all be on salaries. They all cannot have any property which they “earned”, because then that is corruption. You cannot mix private and public.

          8. Chia Cha

            Ann Couler is right, anything left is just member of one economic crime syndicate (venture) connected with rule, whos mechanism is finding of minority victims (never majority), for their propaganda to come on power and become new capitalist minority via bureaucracy (for them to next day start talking how to split from bureaucracy and enter capitalism where they will be capitalists). Capitalsits wants and support that because as long someone wants same, their system is in play, even if that means with different people. They have to support communism (meaning even with different popele becoming capitalists them self later) because that is how they have bureaucrats going against workers. 🙂

          9. Chia Cha

            Every body tends to have more of own bacteria fed, so that other bacterias cannot grow. Right now there too much of own bacteria is system. We msut remove them, trim down that system.


    The problem is the Zionist control of the U.S. government and the resulting wars instigated and force on we Americans by these Zionist neocons who control every facet of the government and until and if America wakes up our future will be as Orwell said, a boot smashing us in the face.

    Thank God for Russia and Syria and men like Pieczenik who are voices of truth in a world of deceit and lies.

  6. Chia Cha

    They are not comming here to work, they does not need them because off that, they need to have you in pieces. They does not want any solidarity to have. Even when you get some solidarity with those immigrants they will start with terrorism or with BLM guys. More solidarity among people, people are more expensive. They are not idiots. They want all free you have right now to be tradeble. You want live in hood without crime, pay it, buy house in this hood. You want friend, buy one 🙂

  7. timothy J. wulff

    Dr. Pieczenik,

    Thank you for being a presence online.

    I so enjoy listening to you speak. You improve my vocabulary!

    Please know your value to all of us and continue with your efforts.

    This is sent in pure encouragement and support!

    Timothy J. Wulff

  8. Chia Cha

    Ok, we must now learn something here. Trump is not fascist nor racist. He is anti-globalist (I hope) populist (I hope) in style of 1880es politicians in Britain and USA.

    1. Embrey

      You are realizing what normal people in the US instinctually knew about Trump from the moment he disrupted the Republican primaries.

  9. Chia Cha

    Those free market liberal capitalists are 100% crazy. David Frum wants to share world with China just to get Russia. They are traitors. You need to get both Russia and China. We need to kill him for treason.

    1. Embrey

      Liberal capitalist is an oxymoron.
      I would call them communist monopolists with a class warfare overlay.
      The government of the United States has been weaponized from within by these ‘capitalists’. The corruption is everywhere. From local dog catcher to the top office of the land our system has been poisoned and if you have wanted to survive you either accept it and go along or you go broke.

      1. Chia Cha

        When ever you have liberal capitalism (communism) pouring in, you see legalization of economic crimes. Criminals are not in jail. Marxist always think that crime is social dieasase, therefore problem of state. Which is lie. That is giving wrong example to youth and then it is over.

        1. Chia Cha

          They are using criminals for their agenda. They always see victim and outcast and something which can be used, and put in system. Then they are happy, they see them self as mothers. For them government is society.

    1. Chia Cha

      Who would not support that if that would be true. But true is that Zionists today are not Zionists, they are financial only vampires with no any connection with normal people.

  10. Furtive

    There are 2 sets of laws, one for the warmongers (follow the $$$)
    & one for the rest of us…

  11. Patriarch

    Be patient-large file

    Failed State:

    The following 1990-2016 timeline and supporting facts provide unmistakable evidence of dereliction of duty, fraud, public corruption, the appearance of impropriety, racketeering, monopoly and anti-trust by senior United States government officials, Harvard and Stanford academics, judges, law firms and their commercial accomplices. American patent law itself has been hijacked by these individuals and their organizations.

  12. Chia Cha

    this is what Pual Ryan, tea party free market alex jones capitalist wants for your kdis. alex jones already is giving future to mexicans. he told that future is their… alex jones is traitor. paul ryan is traitor— we know what has to be done with traitors

    1. Embrey

      Do not fear Alex Jones. You attribute too much power to him over his audience. It is the same with Steve Pieczenik or Donald Trump.
      If they stray from their support for us we pull our support from them.
      It is self correcting and the people are the energy behind this wave – NOT THE BLOWHARDS.

  13. Lena

    It’s much more profitable for the corporations to have US taxpayers fund the research and development stages of profiteering, instead of taking on the risk themselves. Long live MIC

  14. Petra

    How can a house stand when there are sooooo many wars everywhere. The U.S. is acting like a child in temper tantrum mode… I am going to fight everyone for no good reason….. Only an insecure stooge does that. You fight as the last resort… Not as a mode of operandi.
    Get out of Afganastan… Have Russia manage the instability there.
    Get out of Iraq. Have them manage themselves.
    Get out of Africa – France/England/Protugual failed their too – Only Christian Missionaries are successful there.
    Korea… my heavens China can manage that…Come home. Home needs to be where the heart and money is.

  15. Jason

    Bankers create forced sellers. Governments create forced buyers. We are in the middle. The answer to future deflation is high tariffs and border security. The answer to future inflation is low tariffs and border security. As the bankers attempt to punish America, our posture will devolve until the Spirit of Andrew Jackson must be summoned again. The land beneath our feet is sacred. If we act accordingly, destiny just might smile upon us. The Navy and Marines have stepped into the breach to protect our new national trajectory. Thank God for them and protect them.

    1. Chia Cha

      That is 100% right. If Catalonia get support of local police force, Madrid is in trouble then. Because only solution for that then getting artillery hitting towns and cities. If that starts then, well then Catalonia will get one nice credit line for own artillery by the Goldman, and Catalonian government will have to sign few good deals, here and there, when they win. Of course Madrid will win if Madrid takes bigger credit and offers better conditions to creditors, but they will not do that because Madrid thinks he does not need to borrow so much to win. That is how it works, but good thing is that Catalan people will be able to get deserved liberty and freedom with help of capitalism. Beside Spain was never good ally of NATO and USA. Spain is country US hates till bottom. Therefore there is hope that USA is not all just about money.

  16. Chia Cha

    This is what I was talking about all the time. We must go Hitler 100%. Only Hitler, full program. There is not time for details any more. This is now full war. Tommorow I will join some fascist party. They also here are kept to have intentionally people without teeths in first row, in first row before TV cameras also, but that is how it is. No time for cherry picking. See link on infowars where Disney is now starting with movies for kids, where kids are g@ys.

  17. Chia Cha

    Communists were making cult out of science. They would say, it is like that because science says that. And that universe is just space mechanic. Very nice foundation for any kind of thinking about things around us. DDT was good also.

  18. Chia Cha

    For pedophilles children are always guilty. They are sure kid provoked them, and that kid wanted that, even when they kill kid, they will say kid wanted to be killed. They know that is wrong what they are doing that, but kid wanted. They were provoked. Therefore we can say that pedophilles are sociopaths. It is thin line between g@ys and pedophiles, genes are there but that it depends on upbringing, but if genes are even worse then you cannot do anything.

  19. Chia Cha

    Merkel is also liberal Putin agent, for God sake she is priest from East Germany. Putin have dossier about her. Only good thing about is Putin is that he is exporting liberalism (communism). He is doing (for export only) policy. Who benefits from there refugeese, Merkel imported, Soros and Putin. All those refugeese had to go on southern front with Russia. Erdogan, Merkel, Putin, Soros. All ural-altay people move them on front for civil war inside Europe.

  20. Chia Cha

    Leftism is biggest problem for any society, because every lefty can be traitor and say that is normal, he is not against own country even he is working for foreign power. He can say I work for Russians and Chinese, but they are poor opressed half-monoglic post-communist people therefor they need to r@pe you and your family. And they support g@ys, of course via Soros. Therefore left needs to be abolished, they are not even polluting green movement, all communists are now in green movement (colour of islam also), in europe they ALL are KGB communists. Green party in germany now demands more liberal aproach toward immigrants. They need to be starved and Soros killed. We need right wing feudal-democratic parties in Europe, and right wing national-sociali.t parties. Left must be abolished in every aspect. Political spectrum must be more of collectivism, and less of collectivism. Simply, how group must be big, to have right to do something, that is all. Individual right must be right to freely organize in any group as he wants. Conservativism is democracy and freedom, because conservativs are for organic and democratic right to not have sick norms impossed by rich so they can sell more of unsold trash they have overproduced and are holding in warehouses. When rich is producing something people need, you do not have interest to invest in changing market situation via wars of cultural marxism.

  21. Chia Cha

    Americans will have to learn that they now have to support liberlal free market capitalism only in enemy countries which needs total destruction like Germany, but at home TRUMP and only TRUMP. Please get that is now for EXPORT only politics aimed at enemies. Germany will this move elect worse l@sbian international sc@m they have, and deregualtion and liberalization, and Germans will vote for this because they are against immigrants. And who gave them immigratns Soros and Putin, Seems that Russia and USA got deal over Germany, Germany will become agricultural land as they always had to become.

    1. Chia Cha

      That means that Russia and USA finally understands that there must be peace in Europe. Strong Germany, unstable Europe. Putin is doing masterful job. For instance here, on other hand in country which needs to protect them self we nationalized biggest agricultural company in SE Europe which almost got in hands of Putin, and all liberal and conservative free market captialist media (meaning 99% of media space, excluding one which is not KGB but masonic pro american communist) are attacking that move and openly talking about evil americans behind that move. Same will be done now with national oil company aimed also by Russian free market liberal and conservative capitalists. HA HA HA. With soci@list policies now against Russian menace. Thank you america for letting us do that. In soci@lism here before every worker on gas station would drive new mercedes, and have vacation house, today when those are private companies, they are bootom of bootoms. Fuel was super cheap, wokrers were allowed to steal, while now only big heads are allowed that.

    2. Chia Cha

      Ok this deindustralization and papuarization of Germany is conservative free market capitalism and it is not liberal free market capitalism. Meaning delayed liberal social policies left for liberal party which would come after next election while both conservative and liberals would do same economic policies in every term. Just how in Mexico, Haiti, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Phillippines and USA (we are yet to see Trump in economics).

      1. Chia Cha

        Putin is wrestler, he is using energy of others to destroy them. He pushing enemy to go forward, and he is making sure to benefit even on his terms. He is now starting rumors about privatization of healthcare in every country of eastern and central europe (and he will get all those companies). Which is reason no1 for every member of 99% to demand communism back and demanding russian army to come and save su from american cowboys. Russian free market liberal and conservative liberal media is pushing that all the time and most of american capitalists cannot say word about that because that is american political ideology. Well USSR fell because of idology, and Putin is smart player. If americans are do dumb to have same ideological propaganda in every country of the world, especially USA, then america will end like USSR and will have to let California, Alaska, Texas, Florida and NW go.

        1. Chia Cha

          Sorry NE, NE USA will go economically to EU therefore to German, Russian, French alliance (meaning Russia). Alaska to Russia direclty, California to Mexico, Texas independent, Oklahoma neutral. Florida as independent will invade Cuba, While blacks will get their central african states, What is settled with Germans in interior without connection to coast will become organic farm land for food production for Chinese communist party members. 80M of them. Farm girls from there could work in Chinese vassal state of Mexico, in Hollywood in Los Angeles. Unless CIA does not openly push for more of soci@lism in eastern and central europe and proclaims Russians to be biggest capitalist pigs in attack on peoples healthcare as they always were. While for Germany more of capitalism and more of lesbi@ns. And that must happen in next 8 months.

  22. Chia Cha

    In Afghanistan for instance luckily american military was able to delay adopting political capitalists ideology demaned by american capitalists of having females in slave labour forece pushing labour wages down for all, therefore we see that american military decided not to war there yet. If americans would there start pushing female rights on people, those same american soldiers would be living in military barracks of Northern Carolina by now, ordering lingerie on aliexpress paid in rubles. And that would be only military unit in country. That is world by Ron Paul.

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