Anti-Semitism on the Rise!

Anti-Semitism on the Rise!

The Paradox of Anti-Semitism: The Greater the Visibility of Jews/the Worse the Anti-Semitism!

Anti-Semitism is a rabid disease. It feeds off of latent anger and hatred of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. It is one of those debilitating conditions which are created by a variety of factors. The most ironic determinant is the prominence of Jewish individuals ascending into a position of power especially in America or Europe.

It is not an accident that as Trump started to appoint the senior members of his cabinet, I had predicted to my friends that there soon would be a break-out of Anti-Semitism in the USA. Unfortunately, I have had a lot of experience with this type of phenomenon.
France, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Poland, the Papacy, and even Holland have always been the main contenders for providing the underlying conditions for the rise of Anti-Semitism. During the late 1890’s there was an official political party in the Austria-Hungary Empire entitled: “Anti-Semitism”.

At present, there are a rash of cemetery defamations and threats to a variety of synagogues which are the harbingers of a potentially rising wave of anti-Semitism. None of this should be ascribed to any one person, especially POTUS Trump, nor any particular group.

The uptick in hate crimes evolves primarily from the rapidity of change that the Trump administration has implemented across a spectrum of different areas related to the financial/political wellbeing of the American public. As I have written in the past, change demands emotional flexibility. One never knows exactly what will or will not happen to one’s future well-being.The inevitability of that uncertainty creates the basis for the projected fear which is manifested in anger toward the Presidency and his coterie, many of whom are Jewish [whether practicing or not].

In turn, old scapegoats are unhinged from the cabinet of convenience and used as a shibboleth of false comfort. In time, when the manifest benefits of these changes are realized then the fear factor recedes in rapid time and the subsequent affect is directed toward more productive ends [like jobs].

Brian Klug, senior research fellow in philosophy at Oxford University writes the following:

“When anti-Semitism is everywhere it is nowhere. And when every anti-Zionist is an anti-Semite, we no longer know how to know how to recognize the real thing—the concept of anti-Semitism loses its significance.” [Wikipedia ].

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3 thoughts on “Anti-Semitism on the Rise!


    In nazi Germany, old person or soldier if poor would be killed (because member of upper race cannot be old and sick, that is not supported image), while some rich member capitalist class from whom ruling military caste is ordering arms, or member of ruling military caste on higher position, would not be killed if old and sick. He would use money to provide helper in his villa. Fraudulent system. Also goal of Satanists is to destroy existing gene pool of saints and Jesus. Even such should be punished several times if they live like rentiers.

    1. Chia Cha

      News are commercials for system in which news are followed by commercials.

  2. JoanneLoster

    The use of particular groups -as scapegoats own the need to reduce the anxiety of change is widespread. Jews are not the only such group ( Armenians, gypsies,…) but they are distinct in the long history during which they have taken this role. It is no accident that blood libels appear regularly on TV in Muslim countries. Christians are scapegoats in Muslim countries but the need to blame is n]hardly confined to religion and muslims during their history and certainly at this timed ot appear to play this role. David Nirenberg in bis book anti-Judaism documents how anti-semitism adapt to changes in civilization, What is the basis of your statement that Muslims are targets — beyond the blame game that encompasses this country? At the same time wallowing in one’s victimhood ( as Israel does), results in a dependence, exaggerated need and demands from others ultimately limiting acquisition of power that any country needs.

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