Another Nobel Prize Poseur!

Another Nobel Prize Poseur!

Nobel Peace Prize Hypocrite! 

Myanmar First State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, Kills 100,000 Rohingya [Muslims]. All victims were Myanmar Citizens.

It is a rare occasion that I have wait decades to write about a Nobel Peace Prize winner who was a liar and malignant narcissist. Obama was almost an instant fraud when I wrote about him several years ago. Swedes awarded a Nobel Peace Prize to this completely ineffectual POTUS Obama who had done absolutely nothing to deserve it.

For a long time have I bit my lip about going off on the anointed Nobel Peace Prize winner, Myanmar [Burma] First State Counsellor Ms. Aung San Sui Kyi. I knew about her true vitriolic, misanthropic,  sadistic character which she had been hiding for decades while in the ‘presumed’ fifteen year house arrest by the Burmese military.

As someone who had travelled to that lovely country of Myanmar [Burma], I was fully cognizant of the importance of the public personae of Aung San Sui Kyi. She had carefully crafted an image where she was a martyr for freedom, transparency, and voting rights.  She and her handlers contrived a narrative that made her the most prominent political prisoner in the world. She made certain that books, movies and even songs were written about her self-inflicted ‘house arrest’ which in reality meant nothing. She was wont to understate her Machiavellian maneuvers to make herself appear so gallantly self-sacrificing and caring. All for naught!!

I became nauseous when I heard one of my family members sing a song in French which had been written about her alleged suffering [ U2’s Bono wrote the song ‘Walk On’]. My relative was smart enough to bracket her song with comments that referred to my personal skepticism about this Burmese self-anointed martyr.

In 2015, Aung became a Pyithu Hluttaw MP, winning 86% of the seats in the Assembly of the Union with her party backed by the military the same military that had once ‘placed her under house arrest’. [Wikipedia].

Aung furthered her hero-image with two movies about her alleged suffering in solitary detention. International producers ensured these propaganda pieces were shown all over the world. They included John Boorman’s 1995 film “Beyond Rangoon” and Luc Besson’s  2011 film, “The Lady” in which her part was played by Adelle Lutz. [Wikipedia].

Yet, Aung’s true misanthropic character revealed itself when 100,000 Burmese citizens of Muslim faith were beaten and killed. (Rohingya Refugee Crisis). Aung insisted that these minority Muslims were not citizens but foreigners.

In 2016, the state expert from Queen Mary University of London warned Suu Kyi that she is legitimizing genocide in Myanmar.  “Despite continued persecution of the Rohingya well into 2017, Suu Kyi was not even admitting, let alone trying to stop the army’s well-documented campaign of rape, murder, destruction against Rohingya villages”. [Wikipedia].

Even the 14th Dalai Lama begged her on two occasions to stop the genocide. She refused his pleas.  The famous British magazine “The Economist” stated the following:
“her halo has even slipped among foreign human-rights lobbyists, disappointed at her failure to make clear a stand on behalf of her own minority Muslim citizens.”

Aung should be stripped of all her awards which she had falsely garnered in the faux name of humanity and peace:

  • Rafto Prize
  • Sakharov Prize
  • Nobel Peace Prize
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Award
  • International Simon Bolivar Prize
  • Olof Palme Prize
  • Bhagwan Mahavir World Peace
  • Congressional Gold Medal

In the words of the great Chinese leader who had killed tens of millions of his fellow Chinese citizens, Chairman Mao Tse Tung:

“The higher the monkey climbs, the further the monkey will fall.”
It’s time for the real monkey, Aung San Suu Kyi, to be deposed from her august position of power and held accountable for her continuing war crimes against humanity.

In the words of the  British writer/MI6 operative and former Burmese police officer, George Orwell, in his brilliant novel, 1984:

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength”.

Aung Suu Syi is a bona-fide war criminal.


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86 thoughts on “Another Nobel Prize Poseur!


    This woman will be supported by the Zionists as she is the symbol of the Zionist NWO and all it stands for which is the destruction of civilized society.

    1. Six black chooks

      Get Trump off the statins. They are bad news. Bad bad bad.

  2. Petra

    The propaganda that destroys and creates leaders leaves little room for people to think and connect the dots for themselves… True intelligence lies in the person that can connect the dots and see behind propaganda. It is so appropriate that she is in a photo with Obama… a CIA gay man that did nothing yet fooled millions… fooling millions seems to be the game of politicians. Integrity is the most prized characteristic among humans… yet very few even know what it is.

  3. del stead

    Let her indeed keep her faux accolades as they only fool the dim!! As I recall her incarceration was in relative luxury (fortified the notion of “divine rights of kings” or Queen’s) surely ISIS and the Muslim brotherhood shall be invading Burma??….on a much more serious note Dr Pieczenik poor princess Kate couldn’t accompany prince George to school today because of morning sickness due to her pregnancy……. Apparently the days talk shows have been totally wrapped up in this most serious of subjects!!! I hope she tows the line but if she doesn’t at least she should wear a …….seatbelt

  4. Chia Cha

    This lady is real lady of fukuyama post cold war liberal capitalism and liberal care for 3-world. If I were president of USA I would nationalize Star-Bucks and make every item on menu called her name. And 10% from sale to go to her fundation. Fundation would be about empowerment of g@y children in the world.

  5. Chia Cha

    Capitalism is genocidal system. Capitalism as model can only be sustained by wars. It is impossible for capitalism to be sustained without war. While something else was never tried in history. That is how we live.

  6. Chia Cha

    Bannon on 60 minutes. Bannon said he wants civil war inside republican party and total war with them. Exactly. America first.

  7. Chia Cha

    This is music for ears. This is like listening Mozart, The Magic Flute.

  8. Chia Cha

    Poland will ask for extradiction of those 4 afro-asiatic muslims. They all are underaged they say, therefore they will be relased, and to check their real age is intrusion of their privacy, respected only by liberal capitalism. Yes when bank is taking your only house then they can make gyno test on your wife, or those blad kids can.

    1. Chia Cha

      And they are 100%, Islam is 100% compatible with capitalism. Heck that is they work every day to make Islam as main religion of worlds capitalism. Ask every capitalist republican who invested abroad. In Islam every rich person is rich because that is will of God. Something like protestantism.

  9. Chia Cha

    Bannon showed God is giving oportunity to Catholics to be bigger Catholic then Pope. When they want that. Much bigger.

  10. Chia Cha

    This is wonderful, I am also now for more muslims. We nationalists should not rescue those people. We need to enjoy. Also we must promote more atheists. So we can all enslave them together with muslims. Atheists should work in mines and on fields together with muslims. They can have shared huts. They are on same civlizational level as muslims, either way. I mean it is not important if you really believe in God or not, only what is important is what you say you, are you Christian or not. Because everything else in contagious and dangerous as open example for kids.

    1. Chia Cha

      Masonic lodges have goal of abolishing of catholicsm, that is why they are promoting every possible sect and muslims on territory of USA, like those protestant sects together with catholic clergy which looks only at economy. Bannon is saint. Masonic lodges are anti-american agents of China, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

      1. Chia Cha

        Satan is she, that is why every polution is tilting toward estrogen in nature. I mean if God is he, then Satan is she. Males goes to war only to be able to have more control over females. Problem for liberal females is that they are guys. And no one wants to have that in house. Unless you drink beta male of Tuck Buckford. Luckily we have muslims to remind us what is proper way to treat liberal females.

  11. homosaps

    Dr. Pieczenik, why are you carrying the Rohingya’s water? The Rohingya are illegally invading Muslims who have killed many innocent Buddhist Burmese and attacked Burmese government facilities, murdering officers just like Muslims everywhere. The website BareNakedIslam presents the Burmese side of this issue. Wirathu, a Burmese Buddhist monk has stated: “You can be full of kindness and love, but you cannot sleep next to a mad dog,” and sums up the reality of the situation by stating “If we are weak, our land will become Muslim.”

  12. Chia Cha

    Turkish-Serbian-Slovenian-German-Russian liberal-islamo-communist axis is trying to attack LPG terminals in Poland and Croatia for cheap US gas (both as fifth column inside and from outside). 3-sea intiative under wise Polish leadership must repel Russian agression. China and USA now have same goals in central and eastern Europe. Chinese wants silk road there. Germany, Turkey and Russia are old world reactionaries. Politics is politics. One is east asia, other is east europe.

  13. MIT Michael

    I will take my life into my hands and I will use it. I will win the worship in your eyes and I lose it. I will have the things that I desire, and never let you catch me looking at the sun.

    1. Chia Cha

      Good to see you back, you were right about 99%. That is good score.

      1. MIT Michael

        What if I’m right about this…. Are these hurricanes and earthquakes God’s answer to America’s promotion of Gay Marriage?? Houston was the first city in America to have an openly Gay Mayor! And Florida has been a center for the Gay Lifestyle forever – look at that attack last year at the Gay Disco.. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of Sodom and Gomorrah?? Am I the only one to remember anything from Sunday School, other than the cheap sugar cookies and punch that came in plastic gallon jugs?? Remember the pillar of salt and all that stuff?

    2. del stead

      Nice to here from you MIT!!!! Been too long

  14. Chia Cha

    Reupublican party now must be destroyed. New people are needed there. They want austerity cuts and higher taxes on both middle class and former middle class. Plus Reagan style amnesty. They can work at Chobani yougrt, providing new flavor called old flavor. They can be sirup.

  15. Chia Cha

    Goerge Friedman says all, for every politcian and citizen to understand. Americans just must stop supporting own liberal scum media in those countries, and stop promoting sick Merkel-Hillary-Ron Paul-Ben Shapiro austerity policy, and start attacking those liberal politicians in those countries who are unable to really get, IT IS TIME TO CHANGE POLICIES. Former communists are not that.

  16. Chia Cha

    How can you not pardon someone called Bundy. Plus in this moment it of extreme importance to have as more as we can of HIllary in MSM. Hillary should be candidate on next elections also. And after her Michaella Obono Gonzo & Bill Innocent Clinton (as vice president). I cannot even think how horrible it was Mrs. Clinton in such moment of one male predator. Mornning innocence of lady under siege.

  17. Raimo

    I’m sad to say it was a Norwegian, not a Swede who awarded peace prize to Obama. 🙁

  18. Chia Cha

    In any “disaster” the most stupid thing is to rebuild by public money, as long as there is one homeless person (person who have to rent home), those homeless should not pay after “disaster” to those who have house. That is REAL disaster comming. Social disaster of injustice and capitalist terror. Imagine being homless person and person who is renting you out home loose everything. Is there better any better feeling than that? Even later you will pay to him to rebuild and get new home he will rent out to you.

  19. Chia Cha

    Song for FEMA. Rebuliding of rich real-estates. Had he had been singing this song 6 months earler he would have been in jail till today. That is called change of system, hope Trump will do same.

    When I was in school, they offered me a book
    that little one …red
    They begged me every day for their member to become
    But I did not, I did not want

    They begged me every day for member to become

    commies commies
    you love only money

    all you communists, out of same mold you are made
    all you communists, out of same mold you are made

    when I was in military, they were bringing paper
    all party members

    They begged me every day for their member to become
    But I did not, I did not want

  20. MIT Michael

    When there’s no getting over that rainbow. When my smallest of dreams won’t come true. I can take all the madness the world has to give, but I won’t last a day without you.

  21. Chia Cha

    Only Trump can hang that Soros’s monkey pervert called female german chimp. And stop this communist French-German-Russian-Chinese order. Axis of 2003 plust China. Luckily UK will not have to be enemy this time because they switched from Versailles order to american (in 1994). Who would say that Versailles order is now promoted by Germany. No wonder, Versailles treaty protected German economy, to be able to attack and start WW2.

  22. Chia Cha

    If republicans pass amnesty again, then vote democrat. When system is unrepairable then you always must support system. Start enjoying it. Become contributor on HfP. Comment there, give like to post with most likes. Become zombie.

    1. Chia Cha

      Start enjoying liberal economic policies of Ben Shapiro and Ron Paul, also. Dinesh is also not bad in that area. Libertarians are conservatives with liberal economics. And economy only matter. Ben Shapiro also must be destroyed. Such are 100% anti populist.

  23. Chia Cha

    More of her is needed, every day Hillary must be in media. No matter what, how, why. We must be with her. Sexism, misogyny, anger, whitness, maleness, very important subjects we cannot allow after impeachment and early elections not to come on table. I will write letter to Soros about my vision.

  24. Chia Cha

    Someone must go to prison. Burning of PVC, releasing of dioxine is destroying DNA and attacks s@x cells so deformation goes on second generation. 2 breaths of dioxine = you get cancer 100%. When some mexicans are burrning in LA, run away.

    1. Chia Cha

      Here greedy agricultural retirees full of hubris adore to burn trash also. They are on level of mexico also. It is same level of inteligence.

  25. Suzanne

    Dear Dr. Pieczenik,
    First I want to thank you for all you have done for our country! I am becoming more and more afraid for President Trump. Roger Stone is reporting that President Trump is being drugged and that his trusted body guard Keith Schiller is leaving. I want to trust General Kelly, but I am becoming extremely worried about the safety of President Trump!

    1. Six black chooks

      So it would be a doctor who is drugging him.. get Trump off the stains. They will kill him for sure.

  26. Chia Cha

    Like I said, Clinton, every day, until doomsday. She is that morning dew, she is uniter, she is point of reference, she is giving Trump and Alex Jones legitimacy. It is only about Clinton, no one else does not exist. Alex Jones must make movie about her. She must make movie about her self. That movie must win Oscar. Show must go on.

    1. Chia Cha

      JFK got airport also. What is fair is fair.

  27. Chia Cha

    I said Mnuchin is great. Trump is extraordinary. Inflation of money is great tool if you want to lower burden of debts on society and give advantage to one sector of economy (production and even software & technology) over another (finance) while giving them first, new printed money white it have untarnished value. Tricks of social.m.

  28. Suzanne

    Dear Dr. Pieczenik,
    I did not realize you lived in Florida. I am so thankful you are safe and that you have a great neighbor! I would love to have you write about your experience in the storm and hear your thoughts in general. May God bless and keep you.

  29. Chia Cha

    Hillary plus this news are very important, liberal capitalism in full colors. Who would say that liberal capitalists (and their communist bureaucracy) have religion – yes they have, it is called ISLAM.

    1. Chia Cha

      Everything explained in 15 minutes. Alex Jones made what communists were unable to do ever (but propagated always they want). He gave science to people.

  30. Chia Cha

    Roger Stone too much invested in drugs (marijuana), he is liberal (in economy) – liberterian, just like Soros is liberal and they both invested in marijuana. Alex is also sucking that story too much. I do not like Roger Stone.

    1. Chia Cha

      What Roger Stone wants. He wants some politicians and manipulators like he is there? He wants to be libertarian Soros. Wow big difference.

    2. Chia Cha

      Paul Ryan looks like his brain is direclty connected with his eye, he does not have forehead at all. I guess you have to have such shape to be able to really believe he will be around for more then 22 days. We need to keep him also talking much more. Roger Stone should also talk more.

  31. Chia Cha

    Hmmm, now let s look at this about Bannon. You always never trust anyone. 1 st. suspect is your own mind. You only always trust, how Dr. P. said. 1. Republic 2. President 3. People.

  32. Chia Cha

    Good, Israel supports kurdish state. And referendum. Those people deserve freedom. They have full right on Wilson’s self-determination of people. Only obstacle on their path toward full freedom is PPK (soviet terrorist organization), party under direct control of KGB. Military leader of PPK is colonel of KGB. Kurds must take care of that and get them under leadership of YPG.

    1. Chia Cha

      This can be last one. After China.

  33. Chia Cha

    Sorry, here is link. Tamil people also deserve liberation.

  34. Chia Cha

    Sorry guys. Cold war is over. No more soviet communist tanks 300 km from French border protecing you White american middle workers class from hyenas. Without blood until knees no change is possible. It is never possible without dead bodies of rich people. Only hope is now what Antifa will do. I hope Trump will at least build wall, I really do hope. If this does not go forward, we should all now join democrats and support identiy politics, so we could on edges of trans people get Nazis and KKK. But let s be realistic.

    1. Chia Cha

      Antifa should start bombing and burning masonic temples (lodges are harder to find) on territory of USA. Imagine that we for any kind of resistance must depend on those who support pedophillia, open borders, gender politics, who are effete geeks, wanting formal central committee and abolish open speech. Yes communists wants open borders, but they are unable to execute those plans, that is why they are much less dangerous. Capitalsits have all their plans executed. That is why they are much much more dangerous. On Cuba number of whites is constant. Borders are closed.

    2. Chia Cha

      Democrats as opposition to ruling NAZIS and KKK. This is only way forward, how, this way: 1. All republicans on pikes by the roads. 2. Every town on sign near population number must have: number of burried republicans compared to number of gased republicans. Democrats should represent Hitler s dog right, Hitler s vegeterian habits, Hitler s non smoking stance, Hitler s@xual habbits… While KKK and NAZIS should be ruling party. Republicans must be erased from from peoples memory. Plus this is not republic this is oligarchy therefore only Furher can change this. Jeb Bush would be better president. This is one is punching bag. Why he does not say that he will veto something, or put it on national referendum where people could put in constitution that immigration for poor semi-asiatic countries is banned. USSR had more way much more democracy then this.

    3. Chia Cha

      Game is this, Trump is white supremacist, so he will show he is not. So he will pass what Obama was unable to.Typical CIA cousine. Why capitalists like to say to you you are racist, because you are then slave who will work more for less for those decide who is racist and not. That is way to control YOU. Slave can never be virtous. Problem is that when ever you tell salve he is slave, they do not like to hear it. They do not want to hear it. Slave must be guilty.

    4. Chia Cha

      America, land of guilty racists slaves. Yes sir, no sir, I am not racist, please I am not.

      1. Chia Cha

        Yes you are racist. But my lord, see, I will work harder… Hm ok, but you are still racist. But but but, I am black. Hmmm, still you are american, americans are racist because they do not like mexicans. See mexicans are raping your kids in your cheap neigbourhood, therefore how can you like mexicans, you do not love them. See, you are also racist. Now go back to work.

      2. Chia Cha

        Those conservatives are system 100%. They are liberal capitalsits, but on social issues by system they are used like this. Liberal capitalists says ok let s have pedos and g@ys, then liberal capitalists who are called conservatives says, ok but not pedos. Then liberal capitalsits who call them self liberals says ok but then we will have mexicans. They they all say ok. Then we get Milo g@y conservative. And show goes on, ready for next level (pedo) or not. But you combine pedos with anything next. It is of most importance to first destroy conservatives.

    5. Chia Cha

      Those conservatives are system 100%. They are liberal capitalsits, but on social issues by system they are used like this. Liberal capitalists says ok let s have pedophillia and g@ys, then liberal capitalists who are called conservatives says, ok but not pedophillia. Then liberal capitalsits who call them self liberals says ok but then we will have mexicans. They they all say ok. I guess then next is pedophillia. Then we get Milo gay conservative. And show goes on. I hope antifa will show they are part of system if Nazis are unable.

  35. Chia Cha

    Democrats as opposition to ruling NAZIS and KKK. This is only way forward, how, this way: 1. All republicans on pikes by the roads. 2. Every town on sign near population number must have: number of killed republicans/number of gased republicans. Democrats should represent Hitler s dog right, Hitler s vegeterian habits, Hitler s non smoking stance, Hitler sexual habbits… While KKK and NAZIS should be ruling party. Republicans must be erased from from peoples memory. Plus this is not republic this is oligarchy therefore only Furher can change this. Jeb Bush would be better president. HA HA HA. This is one is punching bag. Why he does not say that he will veto something, or put it on national referendum where people could put in constitution that immigration for poor semi-asiatic countries is banned. USSR had more way much more democracy then this.

  36. Chia Cha

    With Hillary we had chance, she would have start killing people. She would not care about profits or even thinking about Mexicans. For republicans mexicans are priority no1, they are hot dog stand enterperenours in need of cheaper white working force. (mexicans are tehre only as mechanism for lowering of labour costs of whites, they want white slaves). Hillary by now would at least have more important things to do. Getting rid of those conservatives which are foundation of this mexican system.

    1. Chia Cha

      No matter what, never vote republican. Republicans are way more dangerous. They package shht in christianity and tradition. They are normal one.

    2. Chia Cha

      Republicans are not giving even crubms. They take all. You think you can compete with mexican who when he gets dollar can live one day in mexico with that, and when he returns is king of village. You think republican will invest in new technology if he gets more profit from oppening of borders, and desert is keeping him from getting those unable to walk.

    3. Do you just make this stuff up as you go?

      “As president, Hillary will:
      Hillary will focus resources on detaining and deporting those individuals who pose a violent threat to public safety, and ensure refugees who seek asylum in the U.S. have a fair chance to tell their stories.”

      “Hillary Clinton Goes Big On Immigration
      Clinton said she believes that undocumented immigrants who are children, who are particularly vulnerable such as transgender individuals, or who generally are not criminals should not be detained.”

  37. Chia Cha

    Infowars is just joking with us? Infowars, means info about what they are doing on us as preparation what they will do in war on us. This is Ben Shapiro opposition. Alex Jones and Paul Jospeh Watson are “resistance”. Ben Shapiro is free market intelect. I would not be against darkening of skin if that would mean that skin is getting darker. But that does not mean that. It means they cannot stand any kind of established solidarity based on anything collective like any culture or tradition. They are ultimate collective and they must be without any kind of oppossition. Just balance sheet measured on what they are issuing only.

    1. Chia Cha

      Non racist masonic so called, not any more so much “christian” conservatives. That is new formula. Now middle class is finally done. When someone likes it, who can stop them? Heck why should they if they can continue as long as they want. And Breitbart and Infowars are info sites so you can think there is someone other to worry about you and take care of. Mexicans and in Europe Muslims are THE BIGGEST and THE only priority and cause. Nothing is more importnant.

  38. Mark Morgera

    Sorry to hear you have problems there in Florida. I have appreciated your opinions and knowledge you shared over the past years since I’ve tuned in to your site and YouTube broadcasts.
    I would offer my services to help you clean up in FL but working and be costly to get away. I would like to make a cash donation for your situation if had a way. Let me know please.
    Also, great job the other day with A.J. interrupted you after the storm. He has so much to offer people but he gets unbearable sometimes.

  39. Chia Cha

    This is only solution. Identity politics is only way forward. National, racial, tribal, religious… Republicans hates that.

  40. Chia Cha

    Ok. Back to normality. Maybe they wanted to see how much they can push it.

    1. Chia Cha

      Or maybe not. I guess not because America will always do what ever it can to speak against immigration, and take care to not ever do anything about it. America is lucky that Breitbart is not american site like Infowars. Breitbart needs own YT channel.

    2. Chia Cha

      Breitbart is Irish (catholic) and Israeli (jewish), while infowars is masonic (they founded america). Infowars is for Mexicans.

    3. Chia Cha

      Picture says all, this cannot be american site, it is too inteligent american site. This is american peoples site. It is not american.

      1. Chia Cha

        This gentleman up there, with that lesbi@n rainbow colours on neckle, really shows that trannies are factual. What guy could wear such pink shirt if he is not tranny.

    4. Chia Cha

      USA shoud be abolished and american people shoud enact Democratic Peoples Republic of America. DPRA. First diplomatic relationship should be established with brotherly DPRK. This is going nowhere.

  41. Chia Cha

    I think that Infowars is not getting one thing, American people DO NOT WANT any migration from Mexico. Legal or illegal. Thank you.

  42. Chia Cha

    Not NASA, not those dangerous middle class areas. Not factories. It is mexicans and muslims as tools of price mechanism over workers (slaves). As only source for profit of liberal capitalism. Throughout history goal of wars are new slaves (resources). They are too weak to colonize others now they are colonizing us. We are getting colonized.

    1. Chia Cha

      New twist, Trump signed good law banning “free” speech. People this is great move. Free speech is cancer used for capitalists to lie and fill peoples heads with stupidity. Free speech means, how much money you have, so much speech you have. That is over. Finally. FINALLY!!! With that free markets are over also, free market meant you are allowed to be free as much as you have money. We can finally arrest Ben Shapiro. Free speech (meaning free markets) are essence of liberal and conservative capitalist terror. And that is now over. Yes those are anti-nazi laws, but— of course you are not going to call them anti-muslim laws. Good move in right direction, only content will have to be tweaked little (for 180′) upon popular demand by people. Welcome to new peoples republic. Good now I can support system.

    2. Chia Cha

      By all measures when you have abolished freedom of speech, that means that there are no “freedoms”, which means government HAVE to give you free healthcare. Because government is responsible for you health, just how government is responsible what you will say or not. Imagine, you telling everything what government wants to hear, but you die because you live in state with republican government not extending medicaid expansion… What kind of example for society that would be, impossible. Whole US congress is telling what is needed, and they have good quality care you can only dream of on free market. All people should be Paul Ryan. Than we have it. And I am not joking, that is really better then Ben Shapiro.

    3. Chia Cha

      Everyone is amazed by glorious DPRK healthcare system. There are no waiting lines in free system of DPRK , because are there are no economic interests for lines to exist. In Canada where they have free system, they do not have fee medicine and they have lines because they have strong private sector which takes care that there are lines in public system to earn more money, while in DPRK private sector does not exist, because if someone would like to have private clinic, he before ends up in concentration camp. Suche methods are needed when society is on low level of development to supress cancerous private initiative. In Sweden they can even have private clinics because their society have high collective conscious. But for how long with those muslims?

  43. Chia Cha

    With this number it is over for USA. 1/2 of USA territorialy is Mexico when Trump pass this. That is it. Unless we end free speech right now, it is over. Alex Jones also have free speech to demand more of legal good citizens from Mexico. Sorry dear Alex Jones, your radio station should not be allowed to promote what you in your head think is good or needed. Sorry, you have radio station, others does not, why should people listen you because you have money for radio station and others does not. Free speech is dangerous unjust lunacy. We who do not agree with you, we do not have radio station. And all owners of radio station have different opinion about cheap legal mexican imports then workers who do not own any of radio stations.

    1. Rosman V. M. Patterson

      What is not free speech?

      1. Chia Cha

        Of course you after 200 years of workers struggle they will maybe return such law, but they will enfore it then for 200 years. Plus they will always stick on workers, some Hitler, g@ys, atheists, mexicans and other scum.

        1. Chia Cha

          sorry law could be there, they they would not enforce it. They enforced that law until 1986 because that was their capitalist interest.

    2. Chia Cha

      There were no free speech before that Reagan law of 1986. When all private media had to care about interest of public (workers) also. They were no allowed to talk what they want, but was was in interest of workers. System had to have such laws because capitalist system had to win propaganda war against own workers and USSR (global communist revolution whos propaganda was based that they are liberating workers). After Reagan made deal with Gorbachov, capitalists went in to formal and open fascism, where private media owners become government. Merge of private and government against workers. Free speech must be abolished.

      1. Chia Cha

        With free speech, Sentor (which is paid by captitalis) is allowed to lie to american people and tell what ever he likes. He lies like dog but his wallet is getting bigger. Heck they went to war so white workers will have lower price as negro slaves. (Civil war). Price of labour is only what they care about. The lower they can push it down.

        1. Rosman Patterson

          Freedom of Speech > Voicing one’s opinions

          It is life changing to one day realize that one’s freedom is relative. What one thought they knew was only an illusion. That being said the freedoms American’s are afforded are vastly superior to many other places. Everyone knows that. However, what is the purpose of life? To eat? To eat and then do something? Say something? The problem is that we must eat. That’s it right there. We must eat because we must die. We must die because we are alive in this earth suit. Ohhhh the glory of being alive. Get money. Get power. Subject the idiots, the foolish, the well distracted, the sleepers and those not as strong beneath the will of conquest, self aggrandizing a the would-be demigod’s poor self esteem. Name them. Nimrod. No wait. First Lucifer. Then the Adam archetype. Then Nimrod. Not to mention the hoards of elites who perished in the flood before there was ever a Babylon.

          Don’t get me wrong. Its a beautiful day Chia Cha. Good blessings be upon you always Sir. Peace.

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