An Obituary from a Counter-Terrorist to his Ex-Terrorist: P. GALLINARI,  leader of Italian Red Brigade,  Dies of Heart Attack at 62! 
Gloria in Excelsis Deo! Glory to God! 
Finally he is dead!
Recently, a reader sent me the video of Kei$ha that slithering, decadent temptress singing “Die Young”, that is the soundtrack in my head as I write this eulogy.
PG was already a dead beat long before his official death, a couple days ago.
  The worst part about P. Gallinari [PG] was not the fact that he had killed the Prime Minister of Italy, Aldo Moro, an already pathetic, corrupt, ineffectual leader like all of the other Italian Prime Ministers [are you listening, Berlusconi?], but that in his attempts to kill me over eight weeks, he was intolerably BORING and SELF-RIGHTEOUS.
In my thirty year world of counter –terrorism, there were many terrorists whom I respected and even admired, Noriega, Mujica, Habash, Hawatmeh, Hanafi Muslims, Qadaffi, IRA, and of course our own American Presidents. They may have been murderers, torturers, bullies but none of them bored me to (near) death like PG.
In a world filled with terror, imminent death, adrenaline rushes and constant fear, no one threatened my life more literally than PG.   He placed me on a HIT LIST for over two months where I had to sleep and eat in the luxurious Excelsior Hotel in Rome with an unmarked 7.4millimeter beretta every night and day, waiting to blow away anyone who came through my room.
Thanks to the inability of my CIA,  State RSOs, and the ineffectual Italian Carabinieris,  I was on my own to ‘deal’ with ‘regime change’ and the ‘nasty dead end kids’, called the Red Brigade.  These guys brutally terrorized the state of Italy [a compilation of corrupt city-states—really it should be made into one big museum], killing and maiming wherever they went.  
  From my personal point of view during this time of this Italian Terror,  I hold no grudges toward my own people and their own inadequacies.  Just business as usual.  Coincidently, during this time the CIA Russian Mole, Aldrich Ames, was in the American Embassy, xeroxing secrets like crazy without any interference from his CIA colleagues.
As usual, I left my safe house and embassy quarters to work directly with a very talented Christian Democrat Interior Minister called Francesco Cossiga, a cunning, Sardinian.   He was actually related to his opponent Enrico Berlinguer, the very effective, honest leader of the PCI, the Italian Communist Party, also a Sardinian. 
Cossiga and I formed a bond of mutual distrust and Machiavellian maneuvering.  I tried to corner his fascist SISME and SISIDE [Police and Military Intelligence that had just tried to overthrow the government] while neutralizing the P2 Scandal in Milan involving the most corrupt tap-dancing moron and mafioso, Berlusconi.  He had been arrested by my orders some forty years ago for also attempting to overthrow the Italian Government.  
  So much for arresting corrupt Italian Politicians and terrorists—they are all the same, of course. 
But no one annoyed me more than PG!
  He was didactic, self-important, and worst of all an intellectual poseur
He would write these incredibly sophomoric, autodidactic, nonsensical explanations for revolutionary to me.  I reminded myself that I was the grand nephew of Adolf Joffe, Trotsky’s right hand man and leader of the comintern….how could he really expect me to read his crap!
  The incredible audacity of this wannabe GROUCHO MARX [not even a real Marx] to force me to read these interminable ten page photo copies on his interpretations of Neo –Marxian Theories and the need for terror.  
  PG went to the full extent of trying to teach me about the Frankfurt School of Theory and rationalize his killings according to Habermas, Adorno’s Authoritarian Theories and even Trotsky’s Need for Constant Revolution. 
Well, in my world of counter terrorism, please torture me, interrogate me, or even shoot me…….but never, never bore me to death.
So PG, there is very little that I can say about you that has any redeeming value, other than you were at best the Groucho Marx of Terrorism, leading a pathetic effete groups of PSEUDO –INTELLECTUALS, whom when we arrested them were begging for their lives.  And you trying to escape from prison digging a tunnel with a SPOON
  Quite frankly, I am ashamed to say this but you are and were a complete disgrace to the dishonorable field of terrorism
  You whined when you should have acted.  You complained when you should have tortured. You wrote nonsense when you should have given us a time line that really worked. 
  Clearly not only where you an intellectual coward but you were also a coward as terrorists go,  pleading for your life and complaining about your failing heart.. 
Thank god that’s over.   Now I can listen to Ke$ha’s “Die Young”
Looking for some trouble tonight
Take my hand and I’ll show you the wild side
Like its the last night of our lives
We’ll keep dancing till we die
We’re gonna die young
Let’s make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young
Ave Atque Vale! Hale and Farewell!

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  1. Ha ha , imagine being bored to death by a terrorist! A quick look on Wikipedia states that brigate Rossi basically destroyed themselves by breaking their necks to inform on one another in exchange for more lenient sentencing and they actually managed to alienate themselves from their hardcore working class support by kidnapping a trade union official, so not only a boring organization but a " not very good one" but don't be too harsh on pig as he managed to get 20 yards with his spoon, if I were his cellmate and he was as boring as you say he was I would of give him a shovel to escape as long as he left me in the cell!!

  2. lol, thanks for contributing!

  3. if Obama knew about your beretta, you would have had zero protection in your hour of need.
    check this out and weep:

  4. Nice post Dr. Steve. It had me thinking back to your book Terror Counter Terror which I thoroughly enjoyed. It's interesting reading a book about your experience but in fiction. Especially after this post it makes me think about what's true and what not. It must have been an adrenaline rush like no other besides the boring PG. Keep up the posts I think your site is really taking off.

  5. Italy is my second home.

    When I'm not in Texas I'm in Italy.

    The way the people there talk about "the communists" makes me chuckle.

    There hasn't been a real communist threat there since 1948.

    I like to think that I know a little something about CIA/counter-intelligence in Italy and I can say there wasn't much activity since about 1956 because the "communists" there were about as communist as the Labor Party of Norway LOL.

    The right, P2, and the rest [many of whom are my very close personal friends] are just LOONEY when it comes to EXAGGERATION OF THE COMMUNIST THREAT IN ITALY.

    Italians are colorful and fun. However they are just not intelligent when it comes to political matters, and the corruption and idiocy among all their political actors is ridiculous.

    They have no sophistication when it comes to politics.

  6. Italians are like children. Children with guns.

    [and bombs and knives]

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