An American Tragedy: Iraq

An American Tragedy: Iraq

An American Tragedy: Two Allies Fighting Each Other Over Oil! Iraq Warns Kurds Against Independence!

Kurdish peshmerga forces fought Iraqi troops as they had entered into Kirkuk, the capital of the Kurdish part of Iraq. From the very beginning of the American bete noire called the invasion of Iraq, no one planned for the post-invasion scenario. NeoCon Deputy Director of DOD, Paul Wolfowitz was intellectually incapable of conceiving the obvious. Eventually America would have allied forces fighting against each other as a result of the initial absence of any post-occupation planning.

Iraq is an artificial entity created by the “Desert Queen” aka Gertrude Bell [MI 6]. She amalgamated the original three parts of Iraq:

  • Tikrit [Kurd]
  • Baghdad [Sunni] 
  • Basra [Shi’ite] 

into one entity entitled, “Iraq”. The reason for this artificial amalgamation was as coarse as it was simple. In 1921, England under the auspices of Winston Churchill signed off on this impending disaster so that the oil revenues could be centralized/ collected in Baghdad.

Over the subsequent decades, internal factions and pseudo-leaders came and went. Then in 2001, Bush/Cheney ordered our troops to invade Iraq and depose of Saddam Hussein. He, like many of our ersatz allies was conveniently removed, not killed [Rule of Kings]. All hell broke out after that invasion!
Not one day since that debacle was met with geopolitical stability. The various ethnic groups within the artificial construct of Iraq were left to drift on their own and eventually ending up killing each other. American intelligence contrived an entire panoply of enemies including: Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and ISIS. These individuals/groups afforded our military-industrial complex ample opportunity to allow our fighting troops to remain within the region within a spectrum of different kinetic actions. Yet, some of us could see that eventually the artificially constructed Iraq would dissolve into warring factions around the key issue of the Kirkuk oil fields.

Once again, oil was too precious to be left to the likes of the Kurds [ancient Jews] who had been further fractionated by American/Turkey into different fighting forces. The ancient tactic divide and conquer was the paradigm of our non-existing strategy. We simply mirrored the colonial expansionism of our own fagged-out ally Britain in all of its mistakes.

When fracking techniques and  modern day fuels [gas, sun] have replaced oil; American taxpayers find ourselves in the same quagmire we had initially created 16 years ago. The true American tragedy is not Theodore Dreiser’s eponymous novel. It consists of an aggregate of mistakes compounding itself over the last two decades which have led us to fund and kill countless innocent people in Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, and now possibly North Korea and Iran. Note position of Kurdistan vis-a-vis Iran.

Our political/military leaders have refused to study the imperatives of warfare and history. STOP fighting wars which we have concocted and don’t to the geopolitical spectrum of our country’s national security. Today, we have to get involved in negotiating several peace treaties which should never have had to exist, if not for Gertrude Bell and her British overlord, Churchill.

It’s interesting to note that history in its own misogynist way has Sir T.E. Lawrence [Lawrence of Arabia], her military subordinate, as the primary hero of the Middle East and not the “Queen of the Desert”, Gertrude Bell.

Gertrude Bell wrote the following:

“Paradise has no time, age or sanctuary. Awaits us.”

And also:

“Perhaps a spy, but not to anyone but me.”


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14 thoughts on “An American Tragedy: Iraq

  1. Chia Cha

    Iran will mean 500,000 dead americans after 20 years of occupation. China and Russia will help them no doubt about that. I say, we must see what India will say. It is really perverse that such muslim government exist there. And they really think that they have right to be out CIA influence. They are full of hubris. If we all here must enjoy CIA diversity and cultural marxist union busting, they why they should not enjoy it. And language of their rulling high preists is also full of s@it. Persian people are under occupation of arab islam. Persia was also Christian before Islam. 😀 Yes it was rotten eastern-preorthodox version of christianity disconnected from Rome which fell very easily but, nothing is for ever.

    1. Embrey

      For that matter Arab’s were largely Christian & Jewish pre-Islam.

  2. Ron Sanderson

    Once again more info at a postgraduate school level from a true patriot.
    The only thing I know for sure is that I do not know anything.
    Thank you.

  3. del stead

    Seems to me nothing has changed and more importantly nothing has been learned since T.E.Lawrence’s time when the British and French carved out great swathes of the Middle East long before helping the Arabs drive out the ottomans….then looking after their own imperial interests……what’s more to say??? Apart from we’ve stood still at best in a 100 years of dealing with other nations

  4. Joseph Chiara

    Thank you for the concise history. One of my deep disappointment with Trump is the continuation and expansion of the wars of Bush/Cheney and Obama.

    The lives and money wasted does not appear to have any end. The end of the draft really put this country on a war footing since politicians have little accountability to the American people. Only about 1% of the population is involved in fighting these wars or having a relative fighting these wars. And then there is always the excuse that they signed up for it, it is their jobs, effectively declaring the military to be a mercenary force of the political class, supplemented by other mercenary forces all for the wealth of the military-industrial-political complex.

    If we has negotiated contracts for all the oil, the cost would have been far less than the 6-10 trillion, and counting that we have already spent.

    I appreciate your intellect and character in service of patriotism and the well being of the American people and the republic, not militarism and gratuitous profiting from death and destruction.


    The U.S. Zionist neocons and Israel and Britain ie the CIA and the MOSSAD and MI6 created al ciada aka isis as a proxy force to destabilize the Mideast for the benefit of Israel, and the result is perpetual wars for perpetual profit of the Zionist banks and the MIC.

    There will be no peace in the ME as long as Zionist Israel controls American foreign policy.

  6. Chia Cha

    Policing is biggest problem of US society. US is nothing more then high tech villages, connected with roads and marketplaces between. US police does not have any real control over those metro areas. Word police i guess comes from greek word polis which means city-state, well for police you need to have cities. In fedualism here when you would come in front of city walls, you would always need to leave arms (sword) on gates when entering. Arms controls in cities is good, because you then have automatically guilty people therefore reason for policing and abolisment of freedoms. US police does not have control over own cities, because of “liberties” and property rights, even in europe taxation on only real estate is 5$ per year, while in US can reach 1000$ per month. If you ask me only armed people should be workers. If you work you have right to have arms. If you do not work, that means you are criminal.

    1. MRW

      You’re a nut case. Stop this constant regurgitation here. Your last lines are the thinking of an idiot.

  7. Chia Cha

    John McCain is right, we do not want to have substitution with some half-baked nationalism. Only problem for him is that we need full nationalism or it will not work. Nationalism is only allowed opposition inside capitalism and it is functional one, because nationalism is form of solidarity between rich and poor. Nationalism overcomes class division. It can even overcome partialy racial division if one visible minority group is not breeding more then other (which is nothing else then cheating). Cultural Marxism (free capitalism) therefore is nothing more then chaos + foundation for racial extermination and genocide of weaker. Yes right now minorities are still weaker. They are insane people. Factor of balance must always be stable.

  8. Embrey

    Kurds are an ethnic Iranian people who commonly practiced Judaism prior to Mohammed. It is possible that Kurds are in part ethnic ‘Jews’ if they represent the descendants of one of the several attempts to ethnically cleanse the descendants of the House of Israel from the land we call Israel today.
    However, to categorize them as ‘ancient Jews’ is unclear. Was the intent to imply they were of Jewish nationality? Was it to say they practiced the Jewish religion?
    Ethnically, Jews are like Mormons in that being Jewish is not a racial distinction. It is, for the most part, describing a follower of Judaism.

    1. LBZ

      Many Kurds today are still Zoroastrians. That was the primary religion of Persia prior to forced Islamization.

      1. LBZ

        Embrey, you are right to say the categorization of practitioners of Judaism are NOT an ethnic or genetically distinct nation. Almost anyone from the mideast who practiced monotheism could (incorrectly) be called an “ancient Jew”. In fact, Zoroastrianism was the first monotheistic religion and the Persian empire introduced many ideals of Judaism and Christianity via Zoroastrianism. However, Cyrus the Great allowed all nations he conquered to worship their own deities and when in their lands, Cyrus would also pray to that land’s gods. Ancient Jewish texts call Cyrus the Messiah because he freed the Jews of Babylon, many of whom became so rich in Babylon they did not return. Cyrus asked them to contribute funds to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.

  9. MRW

    Excellent description of the real history, Dr. Pieczenik. Christ, rare to see.

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