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2 thoughts on “Alex Jones Show Monday Oct 15

  1. Chia Cha

    There must be unified cyber control. We cannot allow some new Hitler (non military person) to be put there so there is no real overview over economy. (like Juncker in EU). Because that would be EU corporate NAZI globalist model. EU is lose globalist NAZI corporate model. Left wing fascist wing of neocons. EU is total NAZI creation. They are genocidal liberal-capitalist maniacs. And Trump must liberate EU like it was done in 1944. Fascists of EU were able to go so far only because they were protecting us from american capitalist healthcare and GMO, that was only reason why euroepans were supportive of such monster creation.

    1. Chia Cha

      There are no any more normal country on whole european continent for workers. To live good in Europe, you can only live good, if you are single g@y person, who’s parents died young in car accident so you have two extra real estates to rent them out to young educated workers with high degree hoping one they they will be recognized by their bosses so one day they will live like their landlord. Of course excption are Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein (tax heaven). All countries with smallest private sector on world. There if you are washing plates in kitchen of restaurant you can pay one month vacation to Tahiti every year, and pay off family house in capital city. There is simple rule, or every worker will be able to have that, or all workers will be slaves. Everything else is just propaganda about mertis or effort. Denmark and Norway imported smallest number of muslims also. Number of poor people in Denmark and Norway are 0, number of homless is 0. There are no crazy people walking down the street. Simply diffrent laws are on book. For instance Sweden and Finaland are already history, because they introduce more of capitalism in all sectors of economy. And now NAZIS are rising. When ever you hear world free market, entrepreneours, liberalization, of free anything, you must know NAZIS are coming. EU was about free trade also. I reccomend to all educated people living in EU/Canada/USA to go wash plates in Norway if they want to advance in their career and make some difference.

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