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5 thoughts on “Alex Jones Interview from yesterday

  1. Jason

    I’ve regurgitated every ounce of dogma I have ever been programed with. The moment you zoom in by zooming out, the asymmetries, distortion and dissonance of bodies in motion begin to cry for help, or resolution, in a field of extreme symmetry and harmony. Dr. Steve is so on the money. We must change our own minds. Reclaim our minds and accept that force is required, force is the supreme authority by which all other authorities are derived. This force must first be applied to ourselves, by ourselves. Claim full responsibility for all that we are and are not, and plot a course to the truth , the source, the future. Discernment is a gift that all children are born with, but are coerced forget into the master program of conformity. Bruce Lee used to have a tombstone in his dojo with a great line of warning on it. “Here lies a once fluid man, distorted by the classical mess.” There is no longer anywhere to run, nor any place to hide. The truth has been building pressure to a great crescendo. The truth will shine like a crazy diamond. There can no longer be a turning away. You don’t have to be another brick in the wall. If you want to step into a new dynamic, ask yourself, what would cool hand Luke do?

  2. Chia Cha

    Ooops necons are trying to show them self as republicans who want to “end corporate wellfare and are for free market in healthcare”. I guess they want you to have choice, to insure leg only. People are not falling on this this language any more that is why they are trying to destroy republicans in next election. They say also they want you to have insurace that suite you best, how?, I guess to insure only one leg if other was cut? I guess they want to say one which suite your pocket (basically how many extra real estates you do not need are renting out to workers, and the more you have those the more workers without real estate will give you tax incentives for your “business”, or on how many kids you have, more kids, less coverage because you must pay more then). Or I guess on how much GMO and soy I had to eat because capitalists fed me with that while they have their own gardens? Republicans must distance them self from such smiling Bush anti-corporate national capitalist smiling dinaosaur neocons. Or better corporations should start killing them. Democratic operatives.

  3. R Storm

    Thank you for isolating this interview and publishing it without the myriad of interruptions. I get so much from your sessions, though somewhat pedantic in comparison to Alex’s theatrical flare, yours is chocked full of good data, experience and heads up data.
    I scratch my head in all of the latest crap called news and intel.
    Who to believe?
    If we fell for all the wetware garbage that is irrelevant, and if in power- acted on that; then what would be left?
    Ban guns as they kill people (not the autistic incompetents). Check
    Next do we ban hospitals as the stats say: between 210,000 and 440,000 patients each year who go to the hospital for care suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death…”
    Ban all drugs as the CDC stats say close to 15000 deaths occurred in 2014 from opiods. My sense is that figure is much higher.
    Ban cars as mortality rates from car accidents exceed 31, 400 in 2016
    You get my point.
    It is so simple.
    Only a kool aid drinking morons swallows the story line.
    Dr Steve does not.
    what a relief.

  4. Petra

    When will things hit a tipping point? Common citizens fight this every day.
    Disinformation age we live in.

  5. Mathias

    recipe #2 of our unofficial lemon-dessert weekend!  Hopefully you didn’t miss yesterday’s Perfect Paleo (and nut free) Lemon Bars, but if you did – you know where to go for double the lemony fun

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