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11 thoughts on “Alex Jones Interview Aug 1st


    The fact is that the U.S. and ISRAEL and BRITAIN created ISIS aka AL CIADA and they have kept ISIS supplied with men and supplies in the Mideast. This same axis of evil has bombed the infrastructure of Iraq and Syria including hospitals and schools and have cause over a million civilian deaths which is war crime.

    Just as they did in LIBYA which once had the highest standard of living in Africa and now has been destroyed by NATO aka U.S. and NATO bombing. The U.S. military has been used as an invasion force in Syria and Iraq and has no legal right to bomb and invade these countries.

    The fact is that the U.S. and BRITAIN and ISRAEL are under SATANIC ZIONIST control and their drive for a NWO is destroying AMERICA.

    1. Rosman Patterson

      Not that I ascribe to your assertions, nor will I categorically refute them here and now just yet, if ever, but I will ask who would you prefer to have full control of America and/or the world?

      1. Same question I wanted to task him.

      2. Chia Cha

        No answer from such. Because no one would like to hear their truth about “alternative” and they know it. Even good ideas are always welcome.

    2. Obama

      Globalists are the greatest thread for the Western Civilizations. They want to destroy our cultures and nations. They use our militaries (US and NATO) in order to increase their power. Our soldiers do not defend our countries, they are fighting for global interests. Globalists corrupt our systems (politicians, agencies, companies, etc.) and use their ideology, called neoliberalism, in order to leverage their might to enrich themselves.

      That’s why the West has become evil and if we do not stop them, the collapse of the West will follow.

  2. Glad to hear that someone in the military has said America should not be giving funds to all these African countries. I realize that natural and mineral resources such as gold are there and I believe China, the U.S., France and probably other countries are exploiting these natural and mineral resources, but these Africans are flooding Europe and they function with reptilian and limbic areas of the brain, lacking prefrontal cortex development. I get that these people will be used for cheap labor in Europe, but at what expense to Western civilization? These animals are barbaric and primitive. They have poor impulse control and cannot self-govern. They engage in criminal behavior. Is anyone in leadership role doing a cost-benefit analysis of allowing all these tribal animals to flood Europe?

    1. Chia Cha

      How much trouble we had/have just with Germans, and now we have all these new guys. We were so close with Germans, they were almost civilized, then they went crazy after they united them self in one country under Bismarck.

      1. Obama

        Chia Cha, you are wrong. Great Britain and America used Germany for their all-time interest which is the destruction of Russia in order to achieve global dominance, like they are using ISIS now. They funded Hitler and CIA sucked many Nazis at the end of the war (see ratlines). Nazi-Germany had its ideology, ISIS, too. There is no difference. The more it differs the more it’s the same!

        1. Chia Cha

          No no I am not wrong, and you are right. It is always mutual. Lack of western civilization made united Germans easy target by dogs of west. There must be dogs.

    2. Obama

      You are absolutely right, they are totally primitive. Europe does not need them. They should only be used in order to destroy Europe, more precisely the diversity of Europe, i.e. homogeneity of the European countries. It is the same with migration from Mexico for the US.

  3. Is anyone in the U.S. military paying attention to China’s land grabs? Look at them: Tibet, Taiwan, the Diaoyo Islands, and the last being the South China seas. And then there is the India-China border dispute that has gone on for years.

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