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24 thoughts on “911 Truth on War Room w/ Owen Shorter

  1. Chia Cha

    USA adopted model of competition among corporation. Same what german nazis and italian fascists had and lost war. Corporate competitivnes (innovative economy) and mass production are mutualy 100%, in TOTAL oppossition. Innovation, how ever strong cannot solve political problem of adopting compeition among corporations and problems of such very innovative economy. Stalin and Roosevelt won war, with mass production, central planning, government oversight over allocation of resources and with central agency ordering stuff and demanding NUMBERS!!! NUMBERS impossible to be achieved in competitive model. Today something politically impossible. Heck US corporations even wanted EU to sign law under which corporations would be above local state laws. As evidence that failed and dangerous model is 100% in motion.

    1. Chia Cha

      Innovative concept of competition, therefore capitalist model where every capitalist entity decides for them self about neede allocation of capital, is only model where you can have innovation, and like in nazi germany, yes, you will have great tiger tank, but it will intentionlly be always given too late and as result of questioning of such model only when it is almost too late, and even then answer will be even more innovation to answer of enemies mass production and applying all innovation enemy have in mass production right away… As we saw in Tiger tank. Innovative tank, expensive and always inntentionally in small numbers for innovation to remain innovation. Just look at F-22 fighter or now even worse, complicated and intentionally less powerful F-35 not even produced just to keep innovations as needed capital only capitalist (not government have) as their ideological fear of US capitalsits from US government. Where discoveries are kept secret and always given little bit (as way of capital accumulation) because when something is mass produced democratic power of users using such tool (government) is rising too much over private entities, making innovation per se not innovative, innovation like capital must be scarce for capitalism per se to survive as socio-political fact. Capitalits know all too well that only reason why they are tolerated in society is innovation, therefore innovation (loosing concept unable to overcome enemy) is MUST under price of losing EVERYTHING.

      1. Chia Cha

        Russian operation Su-33 are better then american F-15 today, Russian operational new tank Armata is much better then american tank, same with russian new APC, and after corporate coup in 1986 by Reagan F-22 was intentonlly killed and number of them produced is only result of political will existing before fascist 1986. And answer by capitalist nazi operating corporations is only more innovation around F-35 as technology showcase never to be produced and after it would be produced it will be worse then F-22. And even then always new innovation, as showcase for capitalism to be attractive but never produced, while majority of innovations are under desk hiding. Tiger tank was capitalist answer only after Hitler entered war economy, but again it was answer to T-34 in form of more innovation and less production. Same with that fantastic jet fighter MS-262 something americans did not even bother. Free capitalism DO NOT WANT mass produce because when you have mass production of stuff democracy is stonger, people are economically more independent. When stuff are scarce people listen opressors more because they are scared for kids. Today everyone could live in villa with pool, but capitalists intentionally cannot give you something for you to think you will be happy. But you need to listen. That is way criminals are needed to exist to make you scare and listen everyhing what free market capitalist government wants from you. Best way is innovation as showcase, the more scarce the better. Yes abolishment of NASA will be problem, Musk will land on Mars, but only as show case. Satans economy, start everything totally unable to finish anything.

        1. Chia Cha

          Russia bombed Syria with their bombers much more economically using better planes. Where are tanks for Ukraine, there are planes for Ukraine, how South Vietnam was created to be 3rd largest air force after US and USSR back then, before fascist capitalist coup of 1986. Today something impossible. Today mass production of wanted and needed stuff is forrbiden 100%. Same what those leeches on south had to import every rifle they wanted to wage war on north. This is over, fascism and mass production is imossible. After Stalin, USSR was also fascist society with intentionally created unemployment to keep people in line and not rich. 40% of workforce in US are banned from work so wealth of individuals cannot go up. Nor that F-22 can be produced. I mean Kazakhstan is already lost. People there needs stuff, and F-22 to be protected from China and Russia, not fascist enterprenours and market reforms. I mean F-22 is 40 years old, and they are giving us not even F-35 which is 5 times weaker. Ron Paul wants US to be Mexico for China to be US. Dream of NAZIS and austrian nazi economy.

  2. Iggy B

    I noticed the Bob Woodward page that noted he was hired in his first job in journalism because even the Washington Post knew it would be too obvious if they hired him with zero experience and zero training as a “journalist”.

    But look how successful the crafters of History have been:

    How many people know Woodward worked for a weekly newspaper for less than a year before being hired by the Washington Post where he “broke” the Watergate Scandal within a few months…?

    How many people know he was a Secret Society member at Yale?

    Or that his father was from the Chicago area and a prominent government family (father being Chief Judge of the 18th Circuit)?

    And now your Woodward page is down…


    1. Iggy B

      Well, it was down the three times I tried it but came up later…

  3. Many peoples have taken the RED PILL although they can’t be forced to take the RED PILL.

    1. a major part of the distortion in the 20th century is the scofield reference bible


    Agree, however the basic problem is the Zionist control of every facet of the U.S. government and the MSM and MIC and so the Zionists will never be held accountable for 911 or the attack on the U.S. LIBERTY.

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik is a true American patriot and in the words of George Orwell ie telling the truth in a world of deceit is a revolutionary act.

  5. Jason

    Woodward’s book is the cherry on top. Once the remaining zombies read the latest and greatest diatribe of BS and projection, the soon to come into focus contrast to a new emerging reality of truth will shatter their programming. If they don’t kill themselves within 24 hours, they will realize what that subconscious strain really was, and realize that they themselves are not really as crazy as they thought they were. 1776 worldwide. If you get knot theory, the cabal manifested a psychological clovis hitch to fasten our bodies to their minds. How can that be when we are are all captain of our own vessel? They are too dumb to realize that all doors swing both ways. It’s only a question of force. Will the heroes cross the streams?

  6. Chia Cha

    Capitalists are planning total genocide. Answer of working class on freedom market economy (gig economy) was to stop breeding. Answer of capitalists on our stopping to breed is to tax extra those who live alone and do not have kids. Because to pay us to breed that would be soci@lism and that is ideologically impossible for capitalists. Therefore solutions are tax incentives for those who have already have good job and enough money to breed. Result will be even less kids, because those who are alone will have even less money. HA HA HA. Not even Hitler had such out of touch laws in spring of 1945. Maybe it is time to start hoping Chinese will put us out of our misery. Fascists are killing us too fast. They must tax us because those new people they imported to lower our wages are not working at all. In Europe number of people is rising due to turks and muslims but GDP is falling. And rich (agents of Satan) wants us to become muslims only. After they create new mexican empire east and mid west of uS is for african muslims and arabs only.

    1. Chia Cha

      In 1968 after communist decided to stop being anti-theists, Satan gave full power to capitalsits (rich). And they are real and pure agents of Satan. They will finish NWO. In communism Satan and his anti-theism and atheism, could not prove it self to be economically justified (anti-theism and atheism was stopping spreading of communist revolution), so communists decided to ditch him, so Satan as ruler of this world decided to gave full power to capitalists. Whites and Europeans are already to be wiped of the face of earth for daring to against God.

        1. Chia Cha

          EU like every multicultural union needs own gypsies to unite territory. In Italy and Yugoslavia gypsies were very favoured as needed glue which did not care about culture, and today gypsies of west are now muslims. They are needed as uniting factor because we all are disquested by them equaly, so our love of our yesterday’s white enemies starts to grow. My hate of another gypsies called serbs as muslim ottoman offspring for 600 years makes my love of western civilization immense. Problem is that free market capitalism is against some model of colonial apartheid where muslims would have to pay our working class directly to breed, not that that money goes to our rich who are commiting genocide over us while breeding muslims only. Some reforms are needed. And we need empire, with ground troops on terrain. You cannot make muslims behave unless you show them that only by behaving like us (therefore by listening us) they can breed. And we can show them path how to become one of us. While capitalists hates any role model, or rule, because that is soci@lism. And we need to kill rich, because rich likes to breed deviant more, because they are making working people cheap.

          1. Chia Cha

            Capitalism is fantasic model. You get innovation by paying super high salaries, higher and higher to less and less people and model goes for ever-because as long as slaves are intergenerational there is capital to be accumulated up. Member of minority (slave guard) which is best in lowering salaries of majority slave guards (therefore expenses like having to pay more higher walls and guard towers, having them not rising with rise of number of slaves working) for accumulation to happen in relative terms (going less for slave guards in agregatte), gets highest salary. Formula goes like this, capitalist economy = reduced amount you pay to slave owners in agregatte for them wanting to reduce it alone without you having to control guard and lose time while you are high on yacht, having more money even you have totaly wasted drug addict brain… Real wealth is when you are totally wasted, with low inteligent brain on level of animal, and you are getting richer like all those on yachts do, in total opostition with what would happen if worker would behave same. Then that is real capital. In capitalism capital must produce capital under any price alone. Those people we call investors. Investor climate is the most important climate there is. Real wealth is when there is peace and unity among them, and when they are in agreement. We call that UN, TPP, NAFTA, EU, peace treaties, free trade…

  7. Chia Cha

    Gasing people who like people of same gender, is not question are we nazis or not. That is question how close they are to our kids. If they are too close then chambers must work. In West Berlin under american liberation, while soviet blockade was on, if someone would be found carring several boxes of soap or bread under coat, he would have been shoot right away by american soldier without any trail. Society (government) must be allowed to set punishment acording to danger free market capitalists are setting upon our kids. Otherwise Mexico and Turkey and China will come provide their own needed order and law. Order and law always exist, anarchy never. Not even among animals. At humans anarchy exist as transtitional period imposed by stronger government while stronger government is taking control of territory where lower form of government exist. Bannong said he wants to abolish state??

  8. This is Trump draining the Swamp: #unfair, #witch-hunt, #im_upset, #stupid_sessions, #meany_mueller, #wanna_wall. I was a big fan of Trump, but this is what we are getting, outside of the economy. Korea is always a China thing, and with the manmade islands, China would likely prefer to move the destabilization point and US military presence away from the mainland, hence things going well in spite of Pompeo and Bolton.

  9. Jacob Davis-Tangredi

    Steve whatsup with this Knights of Malta nonsense, you and alex got some deep ties huh?

  10. Chia Cha

    If your goal is to build soci@lism instead of capitalism, having any kind of minorities inside your political party is worse then having capitalists. Minorities must be kicked out of any serious soci@list party. From my experience, minorities are intentional saboteurs. Minorities as long capitalists are not touching them, they are OK with capitalism and will make sure capitalists do not turn on them, so they will block any pro-soci@list policies there were those could be made, and those are pro-soci@list political parties. Those parties are place where minorities are set to be majority to destroy everything. And minorities knows that is only reason why capitalists are tolerating them, and minorities knows that. Minorities are better in getting game they must play against majority. While game of majority is always same – kids. Same game is with labour unions. Only problem is that such fascist societies can last even decades before they gets totally destroyed.

    1. Chia Cha

      And when those capitalists will remove spanish language as option from their phone lines and web pages. Or they are also private?

  11. Chia Cha

    German nazis could come on power if american capitalsits would invest in to them again. Seems that eveythings is going to that direction. Problem with that is that those will again be againt Christian Church. In nazism if you were not member of nazi party, and you were old, or not rich, then they would have send you to gas chambers. Only wounded soldiers would be allowed to live if cripled, because military would object.

    1. Chia Cha

      Of course that germanic nazi capitalist bureaucrat supported non christian almost killing disabled person. He was senteced to prison only because he did not kill disabled person.

    2. Chia Cha

      Kids do not have gender, because kids do not have reproductive organs. Therefore blocking their puberty from developing in to “wrong” geneder, is impossible because kids do not have gender before puberty, therefore wrong puberty is impossible to be established as wrong or right at all. This germanic happy f@g nazis are showing their real nazi face. Sterilzation based on fake nazi science.

  12. Chia Cha

    Those workers in Finaland are not liked by both, both nazis and their muslim replacements. For nazis those whites in Finland are of wrong civilization (judeo-christian one) therefore they are enemies which must suffer until they start understanding their pre-christian roots. For that nazis needs muslims to destroy functionality of judeo-christian civilization. Finland adopted most of free market reforms in Scandinavia (sold and closed Nokia), and liberated workfoce. For such economy of former Warszaw pact and COMECON right now seems like bright spot in tunnel. How capitalism works, you give to slave salary for slave to pay upkeep he needs alone. That works much better because that way you get slave ready to work for less. He thinks he is free without you spending on propaganda, that is that needed kick (no slave likes to hear he is slave), and slave is more mobile, because you can transfer him without having to pay costs of buying and selling slave (legal expenses in front of bureaucracy need to recount formula counting class position of slaveowner).

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