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12 thoughts on “9/11 Truth Doc Architects and Engineers

  1. Furtive

    Video:Hillary buckles trips, & loses shoe at ceremony:

    Your DX, doc?

    1. Furtive

      $6,000,000 man: 24 hour MD shadow WITH A STETHOSCOPE AROUND HIS NECK.

      He will be charged with manslaughter when Hil-liar-y OD’s on Beta blockers.

      Hil-liar-y didn’t feel like taking her meds Sunday morning.

      She’s a 100% self-destructive self-hating, odious, vindictive, disgusting personality.

  2. del stead

    Thanks Dr P meanwhile Hilary takes a tumble again……once again you hear it here first with alarming accuracy

    1. del stead

      Just to clarify …hear off Dr p …not me!!!…..its truly astounding how far behind mainstream are

  3. Hsaive

    MSM is controlled by Israeli Zionists who provide violence for the Bankster class

  4. Hsaive

    Cops Arrest Journalist on Anniversary of 9/11 For Asking Questions About Building Collapse.

  5. Full Duke

    Karmic justice on a most appropriate day – she signed the waivers enabling BMG to “protect the embassy with batons and flashlights” – and the “no bullet rule.” Now maybe ‘justice’ has just sat down at the dinner table and is enjoying its first course while the NYT and friends keep on gaslighting the public.

    Hillary collapsing and losing a shoe while literally being carried into the ‘Clintonian party van.’

  6. There have been many doctors come forward and say she has Parkinsons including this doctor in this video.
    This would also raise the question that fatigue associated with Parkinsons could have been why it was reported that Hillary went back to bed after the Benghazi call for help at 3 O’clock in the morning.Did those four men die because she didn’t admit her illness and resign her post as she should have? She has known for sure since 2012 and has had it since 2005 it is speculated by this doctor.

  7. inthemix

    15 years later you need to understand something. You can tell me over and over that it was an inside job. Means little . If you dont concentrate on the WHO part and no not the Saudis its pointless

  8. Full Duke

    John Marshall, any medical condition does not explain the decisions made to possibly stage a false flag attack on the compound (via BMG group (MI6) “Highly accurate mortar” while seemingly have a detailed knowledge of the layout) along with the “No bullet rule.’ Among other things, apparently Gadaffi wanted to move to a Gold-based monetary system that F’d up things for Clinton’s business plans which involved drugs and weapons. Also, this BMG group removed all evidence from the compound afterwards.

    No sympathy. No quarter. Evil begets evil and the wheel o’ fortune has now landed squarely on Mrs. Clinton’s head. Couldn’t have happened to a more vindictive and evil person.

    Good video from sh*tcanned HuffPO writer, David Seaman on yesterday and the NYT’s stabs at Soviet-like propaganda.

  9. In a radio interview on September 11, 2001 and before the Sharknado narrative got started, Donald Trump essentially gave the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth version of the WTC free fall.

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