$50M BRAND NEW Sandy Hook School!

$50M BRAND NEW Sandy Hook School!

Wow! They got a very nice school, $50M worth.  No honor here, just pay offs.  Sad, really. The video is worth watching until the end when Conn Governor is confronted.  Remember, professor was fired over speaking the truth and then sued (James Tracey).  America deserves what it gets, greed and fear will kill us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnDqDLqBeFk

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6 thoughts on “$50M BRAND NEW Sandy Hook School!

  1. Chia Cha

    MSNBC reminds me of HBO and OZ. Imagine watching MSNBC every day for rest of your life… Hey it is cheaper (more profitable) to create news then to follow them while trying to spin them in to your benefit all the time. Heck Hollywood is facility in full industrial scale.

  2. Furtive

    Facebook “Exposing the big three” comment

    “As they continued to use Sandy Hook as a tool to promote Gun Control throughout the DNC, today marks the grand opening of the New $50,000,000 school which will serve 390 students. That’s $130,000 per student which makes this the most expensive school in history !!
    On 12/14/12, a 6’0”, 112 lb, anorexic kid, who could barely tie his own shoes, who had such a profound fear of touching metal that he couldn’t touch door knobs, shot 152 rounds in under 6 minutes, stopping to reload no less than 6 times with a 94% kill ratio, killing 20 children and 6 adults, and then, using a separate weapon, shot himself “intra-orally” (coroner’s report), in the back of the head (police report). They never checked for fingerprints, and DNA evidence found on the weapons “excludes him as a contributor”. The neighbors had never heard of him. Despite being reported as being a “gamer”, he had no online footprint, no Instagram, no Facebook, no Twitter no nothin’.
    Parents appear, within days of the event, on TV talking about how they “forgive the shooter” and want to focus on gun control. Their demeanor is not one of grief and morbid loss, but of resiliency and determination. This defies logic to me, having been around people who have experienced loss. It makes no sense.
    When the Police Report is released almost a year after, it is so heavily redacted that it is unintelligible. Even those such as the Office of the Child Advocate, who were assigned to make recommendations based on the report, claimed that it was an indecipherable data dump. Every single victim’s name was redacted. Every single image that showed a victim was redacted, including the images of “the shooter”.
    The small amount of evidence that had been released contradicted many of the things we had been told by the media. Obviously, someone was lying !
    Then the school is demolished as every person working on the site has to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Why ? Then the house is somehow sold to the Town who has the contents incinerated and the $500,000 home destroyed. Why?
    Then people want to attack me and anyone else who dares to ask questions pertaining to this story?
    This story is being used to change gun laws, mental health laws, school security measures, and to attack our 1st Amendment rights. You better believe I’m asking questions !!
    EVERYBODY should be asking questions !!”

  3. Watchmen

    @Tony those are some real jewels right there….*Stuffs links in me pockets*

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