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3 thoughts on “30 mins from Ray McGovern on Mid East

  1. Iggy A

    This is why the 1st Amendment is the linchpin of all others and the fabric of our Constitutional Democracy. — If they can criminalize words and speech — legalizing Safe Zones – then they have the foundation for total control of the individual.

    I don’t understand why so much of American society has not become more concerned about items like having the federal, state, and local authorities establishing Free Speech Zones at events like universities have done. “Free Speech Zone”? — When did Free Speech move from a Right to a Privilege?

    Unfortunately, Progressivism has already come to dominate key social institutions that shape the culture (press, academia, entertainment) by gaining the power to weed out and keep out individuals who disagree with them. — So, the institutions who once claimed pride in Speaking Truth to Power and being the Watchdogs of Government Overreach — now ignore, condone, and support the suppression of even something as fundamental to our society as the 1st Amendment…

    We’re not far from lost….

    1. Chia Cha

      I will tell you why you have 1st Amendment, you have it so your private media can fill you with what ever they like, and that government cannot do anything to them. Free speech is money talks. Unless you put privately owned media in “Free Speech zones” separated with huge walls, it will not be any better. Free speech is good when you do not have material stake behind. All those channels which are trying to sell gold, is that free speech? No that is Borg speech. On this site facts are not distorted, because someone is trying to selling something, but such sites are rare, maybe in 1%. This site is comrade with facts and as such will be able to hold own free speech in communism. Others should be banned. They pollute.

  2. Chia Cha

    If Ray McGovern is just pretending to be good, then whole world can go to hell. Never say never, but i would never say he is pretending. It just seems that such people just must arrested… O tempora o mores!

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